Zimbabweans tell Mthuli Ncube what they want in the 2019 budget


Huncho: “Please do something about the 2% tax…its killing us my guy…or at least increase the cap from $10 to $150…ndatenda.”

AdvMudimba1988: “Stop taxing the poor to prosper the economy, people are feeling the best already honourable minister.”

Tamburai: “The elephant in the room is the currency distortions. I believe that if you fix that, many other fundamentals will fall in place.”

Cde Bond Coin: “lease remove the bond note and lets re-dollarize officially again. The 3 tier pricing structure is not helping.”

Rtorei: “2% to be limited to techonology firms.”

Lybon Lybon: “For those that can’t attend the sessions, is there a platform for us to share a few views sir, like a dedicated e-mail add, or anything.”

Tadiwa Pasi: “Is this not the platform the honorable minister has sought your views on?”

Methembe Hadebe: “Just remove Bond Notes. Is it that hard?”

Kuda Mugova: “Now you are talking!”

Joyce Takawira-Murindagomo: “Dear Sir.I HV sent u mesgs ref to zesa, we just purchased a transformer as a community, 16k. Progress is underway, we still nid stuff with 3k.we HV exhausted all.is  that OK when we pay bills to buy such, its day 17, HD we not, WHR wud we be??stl dark.”

Medicine Muchapedza: “I suggest after giving that budget presentation please tender your resignation. Lol.”

Lyton Reid: “Scrap bond notes.”

Tongai Tafirei Taruvinga: “Parastatal reform, a stop to organized looting in government departments, accountability of RBZ, proper valuation of mineral exports, taking back national and natural resources from individual for example this parceling out of conservancies.”

ElsonM: “ED’s trips reduced to 1 per annum. Put up a budget to setup clinics in small towns, hospitals are too expensive to build. Computerise schools and build libraries especially in small towns with computers. transparency on how much ministers earn and how much tax they pay!”

Hendricks Tasiyana: “resign.”

Tafara -Hlis’ umoya: “Good good, Minister I would like to hear how you plan to involve those of us in the diaspora in these consultations.”

BabaMunashe: “do away with 2% tax and the economy will come back to nomalcy. this price.”

tonderai nyika: “Do u even listen even if we say our suggestions? Do we have a listening gvt?? U knw the truth Hon Minister…We jus watch and let u do zvamada.”


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Charles Rukuni
The Insider is a political and business bulletin about Zimbabwe, edited by Charles Rukuni. Founded in 1990, it was a printed 12-page subscription only newsletter until 2003 when Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation made it impossible to continue printing.


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