Zimbabwean publisher torches a storm after saying Mnangagwa is the only one who can deliver change

Zimbabwean publisher torches a storm after saying Mnangagwa is the only one who can deliver change

One of Zimbabwe’s leading publishers Trevor Ncube has torched a storm after posting as tweet in which he said he has faith in President Emmerson Mnangagwa because he thinks Mnangagwa is committed to durable change and is the only one with the potential to deliver change.

Ncube owns Alpha Media Holdings which publishes Newsday and two leading weeklies, The Zimbabwe Independent and the Sunday paper, The Standard.

He also owned South Africa’s Mail and Guardian for 15 years until last year.

The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change argues that it has the keys to Zimbabwe’s economy and has been calling on Mnangagwa to talk to its leader Nelson Chamisa.

The party has also refused to recognise Mnangagwa as the country’s President saying he stole the election from Chamisa.

Chamisa, however, lost the election challenge court case but insists Mnangagwa is illegitimate. The party also claims that Zimbabwe’s current crisis is not economic but political.

The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front has told the MDC that it will not enter into any government of national unity with the MDC and will not talk to Chamisa until he recognises Mnangagwa as the country’s President.

Ncube torched the storm when he tweeted: “I get attacked for having faith in @edmnangagwa ‘s sincerity in changing Zim. I perfectly understand why some people are angry with me. I have met the man and am convinced he is committed to durable change. In any case I can’t see anybody else with potential to deliver change.”

As expected there was immediate backlash. The tweet received some 683 replies with most of the people bashing him but it also got some 590 likes.

Activist Patson Dzamara, whose brother Itai disappeared three years ago and has not been heard of since, replied: “So to you, only Mnangagwa can deliver change? I mean you view him as the alpha & omega to Zim’s solutions! Shockingly absurd that you view him as the only ‘saviour’, despite what his record is screaming – FAILURE.”

Houghton Garaiza, added: “Ma statement evanhu vari kudya vachiguta mudzimba dzavo. Muchanotsva kugehena.”

Jonah Mupoga said Ncube’s defence of Mnangagwa was sickeningly void: “‏So meeting him translates to his success. Your level of defence is sickeningly void.”

Isheanesu Sithole, mocked Ncube saying: “Anyone can bring change. Even you Trevor. See how you’ve morphed from being a renowned wife-beater to a perfect gentleman. Now that’s sincerity!”

Blessed Simba said it was okay because everyone knew that Trevor was sick.

Ncube who seemed to be keeping track of the replies told Azor Ahai that he was not easily hoodwinked when Ahai said: “if you met him and believe he is sincere i’m sorry to say you were hoodwinked. But thats a discussion for another day.”

When asked by DM Maza: “How did you measure his sincerity? Buy his actions or buy his words? Remember he promised us the list of externalisers and their prosecution. How long is it going to take to take action?” Ncube responded: “Nobody can answer the how long.  I love studying history. And history tells me change is not like tossing a coin. They will be pain. Ups and downs before we get there. But get there we will.”

D M Maza went on: “And why is it known criminals and fraudsters still found haven in the new government?”

Ncube responded: “My recent experience has taught me there are no purists in politics. Lots of moving parts to be taken care off. You play the long game to win.”

Asked by Verbal Vernom whether there was really no one capable of delivering change in Zimbabwe, Ncube responded: “Absolutely none.”



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