Zimbabwe third best country in the world to visit in 2019

Zimbabwe third best country in the world to visit in 2019

Zimbabwe has been named as the third best country to visit in 2019 by top travel publisher Lonely Planet.

The top spot was taken by Sri Lanka with Germany in second place.

There are only two African countries in the top 10 with Sao Tome and Principe at number 9.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing shortages of basic commodities and fuel but President Emmerson Mnangagwa argues that the pain is necessary as the country battles to revive its economy to become a middle income country by 2030.

Lonely Plant said: “While it may be known for making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Zimbabwe has always been a country that travellers on the ground have raved about.

“Not only is it one of Africa’s safest destinations, it’s one blessed with ultra-friendly locals, Big Five-filled national parks, World Heritage-listed archaeological ruins, forested mountains and, of course, the mighty Victoria Falls.

“Although the controversial 2018 election may have dampened the unbridled optimism following the end of Robert Mugabe’s time in power, the sense of hope for what the country can become remains strong in Zimbabweans. And as always, a visit here is viewed by locals as a sign of support of them on their journey to a new dawn.”

Under the government’s transitional stabilisation programme, distribution, hotels and restaurants, which contribute 6 percent of gross domestic product are expected to shoot up to 19.5 percent next year and settle down at 13.5 in 2020.



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