Zimbabwe president must be sworn in on 25 or 26 August


A source said that while MDC Alliance Lawyer Thabani Mpofu told the privately owned media that ZANU-PF lawyers were in a state of panic, it was Chamisa’s lawyers who were actually in a state of panic.

The source said although Alliance lawyers filed their petition on time on Friday, they tried to file additional papers on Saturday but found the offices closed. The lawyers tried to force their way to get the papers filed but where unsuccessful.

Mnangagwa’s lawyers went to file their papers on Monday, a public holiday, just to make sure that they abided by the law and when they were advised that the offices were closed until Wednesday, they did not try to force their way in.

Mpofu says they have overwhelming evidence to prove that Chamisa beat Mnangagwa and want him declared the winner.

A well-known Mnangagwa sympathiser, David Matsanga claimed on 1 August, two days before the results were announced, that billionaire philanthropist George Soros and chair of The Elders and former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan used the French DSGE (Directorate-General of External Security) which is the equivalent of the British MI6 or the United States CIA, to run Parallel Tallying Servers.

They had 17 such servers at the French embassy in Harare, some in Zambia, South Africa, Paris and Luton.

“It is again very clear that using the BVR Data that has been hacked from the ZEC by Chamisa and Tendai Biti henchmen and senior French experts placed in these countries, the MDC Alliance has obtained their OWN DOCTORED and SEXED election results,” Matsanga claims.


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Charles Rukuni
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