Zimbabwe: No going back


The days of Zimbabwe’s problems are over and it is only pessimists and those who do not see the hand of God in the political and economic transformation of this beleaguered country that are holding back.

“This economy is now being directed by God and nothing can derail it. It is changing but not as man wishes but as God wishes,” Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, leader of the Zion Christian Church, told church members at a conference in Bulawayo at the weekend.

He said church members should start inviting friends and relatives to come and look for jobs because industry will soon be in full swing.

“The God we pray is a God of giving people second chances. This is Zimbabwe’s second chance. This is a new beginning. It does not matter whether people believe what we are saying or not but go ahead and start recruiting people for jobs because there is no going back,” he said.

The Zion Christian Church strongly believes in prophecy which is one of its main pillars. The church is building a multi-million dollar church at its headquarters at Mbungo, about 60 km east of Masvingo town.

Construction of the church started in October 2005. Though the project was expected to be completed in one year, it was delayed because of the shortage of materials.

Bishop Mutendi said he had decided to embark on the project when the economy was in shambles because he wanted to show the power of God. He also refused assistance from donors insisting that the church should be built by members so that they would be blessed once it was completed.

It was prophesised that a cure for AIDS would be found when the church was completed. The Zimbabwe dollar which is currently worthless would regain its strength against the region’s major currencies.

Zimbabwe has ditched the currency, though it remains legal tender, in favour of the United States dollar and the South African rand. The Zimbabwe dollar was stronger than both the United States dollar and the South African rand at independence.

There was a lot of joy at the conference because people building the church completed putting up the roof on February 20, thus paving the way for the country’s fortunes as well as those of church members to change.

Bishop Mutendi was confident that church members would be blessed and would prosper because God was not human that he would lie. His only worry was that some people would become so rich that they will desert the church to enjoy themselves.

Several things that have been prophesised have now been fulfilled. It was prophesised way back in 2003 that Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe would outlive his main rivals, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and United States President George Bush. This has been fulfilled.

Now the focus is on the economy. One of the biggest obstacles, a political solution, has been achieved against all odds.

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe African People’s Union- Patriotic Front leader, Robert Mugabe are working together.

This was at one time unimaginable. Grace Mugabe, wife of President Mugabe, for example, vowed that Tsvangirai would never set foot in State House. Army generals said they would never salute Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai has called for national healing and reconciliation. He has been calling on the West to stop treating Mugabe as the problem because he is no longer the issue.


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Charles Rukuni
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