Zimbabwe legislator says Mbeki told the British they would be wiped out in 24 hours if they invaded Zimbabwe


Madam Speaker, not only them, powerful nations that sit in the UN Security Council, China and Russia and other progressive Nations, have joined hands with the people of Zimbabwe, SADC, African Union, the non-aligned movement, in calling for the removal of these illegal sanctions.  Now, therefore Madam Speaker, it is important to qualify in this House why these sanctions were imposed.  I was still very young when these sanctions were imposed.  In fact, if I recall very well, I was still nursing my Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (ZJC).  Now, I am almost 40 years old and have grown to understand that there is so much opportunity in this country because of the yoke of sanctions which our people, leadership and nation has had to needlessly carry because of irresponsible actions of counterproductive and counter revolutionary Zimbabweans who, on a normal day, should be seated on the opposite benches.  They called for these sanctions and must be called out – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.]

Madam Speaker, it is not speculation.  We have video evidence of people receiving khaki envelopes from white men calling for these sanctions – it is there on record.  We can even quote them in verbatim saying in one of the instances with Morgan Tsvangirai, may his soul rest in peace.  The former leader of the opposition MDC, which of course stands against our goals, has fractured several times such that we do not know what character it takes at the moment.  He said, at one point in time in 2003, that this regime in reference to the ZANU PF Government, the people’s Government, a democratically elected Government which, thanks to God, is still there, that this Government does not understand any other language than having sanctions on it.  He said that very clearly and the videos have been circulating.  I am privileged to have a director of information from one of the progressive revolutionary practices of this country and have access to that information.  I have it and if Parliament wants it, I can bring it here, it is there for the record.

They called for sanctions and when these sanctions were called Madam Speaker, we must be very clear as parliamentarians and as the people of Zimbabwe just as our leadership is very clear that these sanctions were not imposed yesterday for reasons that we are now raising today.  At the time that these sanctions were imposed, the reasons were very clear, and of course, those who imposed them were the administrations of George Bush and Tony Blair and were not smart enough as to hide the reasons.  We must not pretend or assist them to hide those reasons today because the reasons were very clear.  Number one of the reasons was that the Zimbabwean Government should not have proceeded with redistributing land to address the historical colonial imbalances over the ownership and possession of land in Zimbabwe.    

Therefore, because it has taken this giant revolutionary decision towards completing the process of decolonisation in Zimbabwe, this Government must be punished because it is a bad influence between Cape and Cairo.  All other African Governments, bad people and Africans outside of Zimbabwe who have no access to their land because the white men in their countries are still holding onto it.  Do not go far away, go down Limpopo, you know the land question has become topical today because the people of Zimbabwe and their leadership were brave enough to draw the first line and bring back land to the people. – [HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear.] –

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Charles Rukuni
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