Zimbabwe junior doctors urged to return to work

Zimbabwe junior doctors urged to return to work

The Zimbabwe Medical Association(ZIMA), which was called in to mediate in the junior doctors’ strike  that has been on since the beginning of this month, has called on the doctors to go back to work as they are now acting outside the law after the Labour Court ruled that they must return to work more than a week ago.

The doctors and the Health Services Board reached a stalemate after the junior doctors refused to go back to work following the court ruling resulting in the HSB suspending more than 500 junior doctors for 14 days.

The government and the Health Services Board have been accused of being insensitive and using sledgehammer tactics to deal with the strike.

ZIMA, however, today urged the doctors to return to work to solve the impasse and the HSB said if they returned to work the suspension would be lifted.

The junior doctors have been calling for an increase in their on-call allowances as well as cost of living adjustments.

They also wanted their salaries to be paid in United States dollars because of the declining value of the bond note and electronic money against the greenback.

Health Minister Obadiah Moyo said there was no way the government could pay the doctors in foreign currency since it was struggling to get the foreign currency to procure other commodities like fuel and drugs.



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