Zimbabwe Energy minister blasted for publishing Eskom proof of payment


Zimbabwe’s Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has been blasted for publishing proof that Zimbabwe had paid US$10 million to South Africa’s power utility company Eskom on the social media.

Chasi who announced in cabinet last week that Zimbabwe had paid the US$10 million only to backtrack when Eskom said it had not received the money by Friday last week tweeted: “Lies have short legs. This is what I lied about. I am sorry,” and attached the proof of payment.

Finance Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga said the government had not lied because the money had been disbursed but the process can take up to seven day for the payment to be cleared.

The payment went through yesterday.

A follower going by the name of Tsungai said Chasi should not have published the proof on social media.

“‏VaChasi respectfully you should not publish such things on SM. Where will it end payslips/dismissal letter/contracts? I respect your open approach but … @nickmangwana does the gvt has a social media policy? Do ministries have spokespeople?” he asked.

He was supported by Petina Gappah, a close adviser of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who tweeted: “‏I agree entirely. Next people will be expecting Mthuli to tweet our entire debt clearance strategy and demanding proof we paid the IMF.”

While the bulk of Chasi’s followers blasted him for lying, a number praised him for his openness.

Opposition political leader Linda Masarira-Kaingidza  responded: “‏If there is one person who inspires hope for a better Zimbabwe which is accountable, its you Minister. I honestly pray that all government ministries will follow in your footsteps & have the same level of honesty & integrity like you do. Keep it up Minister, ignore the naysayers.”

Cultured Tsaga advised him: “Don’t feed the trolls. Zimbabweans on twitter are some of the most vile, small minded creatures who see ill of anything positive you do. Put your head down, do the graft, let the results speak for themselves. You don’t need their validation. This is not a popularity contest.”

Independent legislator Temba P. Mliswa responded: “‏One thing I respect&admire is your honesty, a trait one needs in times like this. Your honesty&integrity are critical don’t allow a system to tarnish you. You’ve got a tall order&will come across this many times. Keep moving, keep it up, once in a while I’ll throw a few jabs.”

Economic commentator Vince Musewe chipped in: “Kkkkk “this is what I lied about” good one.  You must however note there are fools out there who are committed to misunderstanding you and cricisimg anything. You must not spend an iota of your energy on them (pun intended). Good morning.”


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Charles Rukuni
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