Zimbabwe coronavirus cases now at 625

Zimbabwe coronavirus cases now at 625

Eight more people tested positive for the coronavirus in Zimbabwe today bringing the number of cases to 625.

Three people, two from Masvingo and one from Bulawayo, recovered increasing the total to 176.

More than 4 200 people were tested today bringing the total tested so far to 75 485.

There are now 442 active cases.

The number of cases globally continues to increase and now stands at 11.1 million.

About 526 400 people have died, 6.2 million have recovered and there are still 4.4 million active cases.

Five countries with the highest deaths are:

  1. United States                    131 800
  2. Brazil                                     62 300
  3. United Kingdom               44 100
  4. Italy                                       34 800
  5. France                                  29 800



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