Zimbabwe CCC legislators who went out and who is coming in

Zimbabwe CCC legislators who went out and who is coming in

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has released the names of candidates that are going to fill vacancies in the National Assembly and the Senate created by the recall of those elected in August by self-proclaimed interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu.

Tshabangu himself is one of the beneficiaries of the seats.

He made two major recalls with by-elections being held on 9 December last year and 3 February.

The seats now being filled are allocated to the parties based on how many votes they obtain in the 210 contested seats. Proportional representation is used to fill 60 seats reserved for women in the National Assembly, 10 seats for youths also in the National Assembly and 60 seats in the Senate.

In the latest round those who were recalled from the national assembly were:

  1. Stabile Mlilo of Bulawayo
  2. Jasmine Toffa of Bulawayo
  3. Janeth Dube of Bulawayo
  4. Evidence Sivina Zana of Bulawayo, and
  5. Velisiwe Nkomo of Matebeleland South province

They are to be replaced by:

  1. Nomvula Mguni
  2. Otilia Siabnda
  3. Lungile Ncube
  4. Sikhuphukile Dube, and
  5. Sibongile Maphosa, respectively.

In the Senate those recalled were:

  1. Hellen Zivira of Bulawayo
  2. Gideon Shoko of Bulawayo
  3. Siphiwe Ncube of Bulawayo
  4. Felix Magalela Sibanda of Bulawayo
  5. David Antony Chimhini of Manicaland
  6. Godfrey Mativenga Madzikanda of Masvingo
  7. Anastacia Moyo of Matebeleland North
  8. Gabbuza Joel Gabuza of Matebeleland North, and
  9. Tendai Sibanda of Matebeleland North

They are to be replaced by:

  1. Lillian Mlilo
  2. Kucaca Ivumile Phulu
  3. Linda Sibanda
  4. Collet Ndhlovu
  5. Maxwell Mdhluri
  6. Sam Chapfudza
  7. Teresa Kabondo
  8. Sengezo Tshabangu, and
  9. Grace Mumpande

Those with objections to those nominated taking up the seats have 14 days to raise those objections. 




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