Zimbabwe among the top 20 most advanced countries in Africa


With the bad publicity the country is getting following its elections in August, most people are not likely to believe that Zimbabwe is ranked among the top 20 most advanced countries in Africa.

According to a survey by InsiderMonkey, Zimbabwe is ranked number 18, a notch above Zambia but it is way below Botswana and South Africa which are in the top five.

InsiderMonkey says to rank the 20 most advanced countries in Africa, “we consulted with the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Global Innovation Index 2023. Global Innovation Index ranks countries based on their potential and capacity for innovation. The tracker assesses countries’ innovative landscapes, their adoption of technology, and the socio-economic aspect of the development. The index utilises a data set built on 80 indicators to provide a credible basis for the ranking of countries”.

Zimbabwe has a Global Innovation Index (2023) ranking of 117.

Here are the top 5 most advanced countries in Africa:

  1. Botswana

Global Innovation Index (2023) Ranking: 85

Botswana ranks 5 on our list of the most advanced countries in Africa. The Southern African country has a GDP of $20.3 billion. Botswana is rich in natural resources and benefits from its diamond production. It is among the largest diamond producers in the world.

  1. Republic of Tunisia

Global Innovation Index (2023) Ranking: 79

Ranked 4 on our list, the Republic of Tunisia is a North African country with a GDP of $46.65 billion. The country is considered progressive due to gender equality, government reforms, and political stability.

  1. Morocco

Global Innovation Index (2023) Ranking: 70

Morocco is among the most advanced countries in Africa. The country is located in North Africa. As of 2022, it has a GDP of $134.1 billion. The country has a strong economy with agriculture, mining, and tourism being the key drivers. It majorly benefits from its proximity to Europe.

  1. Republic of South Africa

Global Innovation Index (2023) Ranking: 59

The Republic of South Africa ranks 2 on our list of the most advanced countries in Africa. The country has a high GDP of $405.8 billion. It has a strong infrastructure making it one of the progressive countries in Africa.  South Africa’s economy majorly relies on the mining and agriculture sectors.

  1. Mauritius

Global Innovation Index (2023) Ranking: 57

Mauritius tops our list of the most advanced countries in Africa. It is located in East Africa. The country has a GDP of $12.8 billion. Its economy is considered an upper middle-income economy. Mauritius is ranked among the highly developed economies as per UN standards. The country benefits from tourism, ICT, agriculture, and exports.


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Charles Rukuni
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