ZANU-PF warns cartels sabotaging Mnangagwa that they will be outed soon


Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front youth leader Pupurai Togarepi has warned cartels sabotaging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reform programme that they will soon be named and shamed.

Writing in the Herald today, Togarepi warned that the youth league might take matters into its own hands and strip those unscrupulous empires that are being built with stolen money if they do not stop their shenanigans.

Togarepi’s warning comes as the country continues to struggle to end fuel, power and cash shortages.

“We were hopeful that collectively as a nation we will change and embrace the Second Republic and its clear Vision as enunciated by President Mnangagwa,” Togarepi said.

“We had a place for everyone to ride on the train towards making this country a middle economic country by 2030, but all the goodwill is fast dissipating, as spoilers get back to their default mode.

“Indeed, the more things change, the more they remain the same and that our people especially those in leadership positions, be it in business or civil service are rigid and live in a time warp with criminal mindsets and evil intentions.

“With winter in mind, let me hasten to say the country has correctional facilities that are ever ready to accommodate criminals, and we have the list of rich criminals who soon will have their day in court and find new homes in places like Chikurubi where they rightly belong.

“But that is a subject of another day, let’s say a name and shame ceremony is brewing and those who are sabotaging the Second Republic will find themselves in places where they really belong.”

Togarepi said that the youth league was aware of those sabotaging Mnangagwa and some occupied very high offices.

“These people will be unmasked and the full wrath of law will take its course because we will not allow a few rotten apples to hold the nation at ransom,” he said.

“The young people of Zimbabwe should put shoulder to the wheel and fire from all cylinders as we march towards Vision 2030, it is not a journey for the lily-livered or the corruptible, no it is a harsh path that requires determination and zeal and we hope all patriotic young people will take a cue and strive towards realising that dream because as African-American philosopher Marcus Garvey aptly put it, ‘We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind’…..

“Unfortunately, some profiteering elements have created cartels and syndicates that are manipulating the economy with the diabolical gusto, they are earning millions while the broad masses suffer, we are saying that has to stop or we as the ZANU-PF Youth League will take matters into our hands and strip those unscrupulous empires that are being built with stolen money.”

Togarepi said development should be people-centred and selfish tendencies by some in both the private and public sectors should be dealt with ruthlessly.

“We are determined to confront economic vampires, it is no longer business as usual, blood suckers beware, this time you will fall on your swords,” he warned.


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Charles Rukuni
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