ZANU-PF is like a condom


One irate reader, worried about how the ruling ZANU-PF has run down the country, has likened it to a condom. Writing in the Financial Gazette, Stivo Musekiwa, said:

“The ruling ZANU-PF should consider changing its emblem from a cockerel to a condom, because it vividly reflects the party’s political stance. A condom is cheap. It survives severe inflation, halts production, encourages cheating, protects a bunch of idiots and gives one a sense of security while screwing others.”

While all the above may be true today of the ruling party, the major difference between a condom and the ruling party is that a condom can only be used once. The ruling party has won elections three times and is now gunning for a fourth term. While one might argue that there is nothing wrong with that as long as a party is popular, the only problem is that the same old leadership which has been at the helm of the party for the past four decades wants to steer the party into the new millennium.

Unfortunately, they still believe, deep down, that they are still popular with the people. President Mugabe even had the audacity to tell his party followers that the ruling party is committed to the interests of the people right from the days of the UNDP and ZAPU. He was talking about the 1960s.

“This is our game. Mirai muone, tinoda kutwuona tunana popi itwotwo. Ndinopika namai vangu twuchandiona (Wait and see, those puppies will find us firm. I swear by my mother, I will deal with them)”, he was quoted by The Sunday Mail as saying in reference to the labour-backed Movement for Democratic Change, which he said was a party of puppets funded by the same people that Zimbabweans fought against during the liberation struggle.

A more appropriate translation of what he said is: “Wait and see, we want to see those little puppies. I swear by my mother, they will see what stuff I am made of.” The question is, was this a threat or not? To do what?


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Charles Rukuni
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