Why Chamisa cannot work with Mnangagwa

Why Chamisa cannot work with Mnangagwa

“Zimbabwe is too divided, fueled by ill will & intolerance,” Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa tweeted yesterday.

“Nation Building calls for astute leadership. There is no genuine healing without truth, repentance, justice, unconditional love and forgivenness. Restorative & rehabilitative justice key to national stability and prosperity.”

Chamisa’s tweet, coming the same day as the media reported that the Zimbabwe Council of Churches had failed to get Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa to talk, gave the impression that Chamisa was willing to talk. He is not.

When asked by Black&Proud: “Whom have you forgiven in history?” Chamisa replied: “ED.”

Betserayibajay asked: “For what wrong he did to you” to which Chamisa responded: “All wrong doers know their commissions and omissions.”

Mudangandi Wilford tweeted: “Mnangagwa is our current president and will be president for the coming 5 years. If you want to be the next president swallow your pride, respect and work with him. Contribute in the best way you can for the betterment of the majority, they will reward you.”

Wellington Hokonya added: “Why don’t you respect COnCourt n wait for 2023… That’s astute leadership in my view!!”

Chamisa responded: “Respecting a lie never makes that lie true. If anything, those who honour lies risk ending up a bigger lie.”

Chamisa’s tweet, it seemed was aimed at whipping up support from his followers, so that he remains relevant. It was not about seeking to reconcile with Mnangagwa because in his view he has already forgiven Mnangagwa.

How he has forgiven Mnangagwa but insists that he is an illegitimate president boggles the mind. But, that is politics. Chamisa has to pretend that his door is open, just like Mnangagwa is also saying.

Chamisa cannot afford to talk to Mnangagwa because his career would end in February next year. He has to maintain the tough stance to win the party leadership at next year’s congress, but even if he wins, Chamisa knows that he has lost forever. The only way he can survive is to put the spanners in the works for Mnangagwa so that he does not succeed in turning around the country’s economy.

Mnangagwa is very clear about where he wants to go and what he needs to do. He has one mission. To turn around the country’s fortunes and prove that he is better than his predecessor President Robert Mugabe under whose shadow he was for more than 50 years.

He wants to go into history as the man who rescued Zimbabwe just like the man he says he admires, Paul Kagame, who rescued Rwanda and has turned it into one of the fastest growing economies on the continent.

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