Who is McLeod?


Bill McLeod was born in Scotland in 1937. His mother was psychic. He witnessed his materialisation at the age of seven. He was staying in a small cottage with his family in the north of Scotland when one night he saw a man hanging from the roof with a rope around his neck. When he told his mother about it, she made inquires and confirmed that a man had committed suicide in that very room.

Bill grew up on the farm where he was born and then was called up for national service just before his 18th birthday and served with the RAF in Egypt, Cyprus and Kenya. After being demobbed, he trained as a male nurse in Perth, Scotland. He came to work in Zimbabwe in the early 60s and served with the legendary mercenary Colonel “Mad Mike” Hoare in Congo, now Zaire, before returning to Zimbabwe to resume his work.

He says his controlling spirits are a Red Indian called Wise Owl, a Tibetan called Chenon and Cecil John Rhodes.

McLeod says, although a spirit medium, he himself has never consulted one because he believes it is not wise for mankind to see the future completely clearly. The spirit world, he says, can only show you glimpses. People, he says, therefore should not look to spirit mediums to make decisions for them. That is not right because one has to live his own life. And life is just too short. Moreover, he says, there is no one who does not make a mistake.

“In our jargon, we say, all our yesterdays make our todays. All our todays make our tomorrows but tomorrow never comes. In my predictions there are ones that come true, ones that could have come true, and ones that may come true in the future.”


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