When four minus two is equal to zero

A Member of Parliament said that a pupil cried when he told his teacher that four minus two was zero and the teacher said the answer was wrong because to him that was the reality.

Samson Mukanduri, the legislator for Zaka East, said that the teacher had asked: “If your father is given four bottles of Castle beer and he drinks two bottles, how many bottles are left?”

The pupil said the answer was zero. The teacher said the child was wrong because out of four bottles of beer his father only drank two bottles.

The child insisted that he was right because his father did not leave any beer.  “Baba vangu havasiye doro. Nyangwe rakawanda sei vanopedza rose,” the pupil said.

Mukanduri was contributing to the debate on the harassment of women vendors and argued that authorities must accept that vending is a reality. Instead of harassing vendors, they must create proper facilities for them so that this becomes a dignified occupation.

He also called on the government to establish a bank for women so that they could graduate from vending to bigger businesses.

Mukanduri said women were the backbone of the economy and did not chicken out like men who fled to South Africa when they realised that they could no longer fend for their families.

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