What happened to putting God first Mr President


“We are faced with an election without reforms and against a leopard that has remained faithful to its spots, but our faith in God and our collective desire for real transformation will make us triumph over the setbacks, which are temporary.

“God does not wish the people of Zimbabwe to remain in a permanent state of suffering. Our faith and our unshakeable belief in liberty will drive us to usher in a new era for our country, even as we participate in these polls with a heavy heart.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, let us put God first in everything that we do.”

This is how Movement for Democratic Change President Morgan Tsvangirai launched his campaign for 2013 at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera.

But though the results of the presidential election are not yet out, Tsvangirai has already declared the elections null and void, and his party is calling on the people to take to the streets to protest.

Any protest would be disastrous as one MDC candidate who lost the elections is reported to have told Reuters.

“An MDC protest campaign against the results could elicit a fierce response from security forces and pro-Mugabe militias, who were accused of killing 200 MDC supporters after Mugabe lost the first round of the last election in 2008. We didn’t expect this to happen. We’re gutted.”

But if we are to believe Baba Jukwa, the facebook character that was a darling of the people in the run-up to the elections, Tsvangirai still has a chance.

Baba Jukwa is referring his friends to a prophecy website which says: “Tell Zimbabwe that the Lord says their President Mugabe is due to die soon after elections and that Morgan Tsvangirai is anointed of God to lead the nation of Zimbabwe. Tell the nations the Lord says no matter how long they work against this Word, it shall come to pass because the Lord God is going to watch over His Word to perform it.”

Miracles do happen, but Mugabe has already outlived his enemies for more than a decade.


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Charles Rukuni
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