What does Grace know about Tsvangirai that we don’t?


The South African media is very disappointed by the way things are going on in Zimbabwe. They were expecting a bloodbath, on a massive scale that would dwarf what happened in 2008 when about 180 people were killed, but so far nothing of the sort has happened.

It’s eight days to the elections, but they are still hoping things can go wrong. Their frustration is quite understandable.

A victory by Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai is not just a victory for democracy; it gives them the forlorn hope that maybe the opposition can one day rule. They think Tsvangirai is more malleable. Maybe he will reverse the land reform, though everyone knows that this would be suicidal.

A Mugabe victory is disastrous. The land “grabbing” will move on the factory grabbing, then mine grabbing, then home grabbing. Who knows where it will end?

This will give the likes of Julius Malema something to look up to. Juju seems to be copying too much from Harare.

So if the Zimbabweans won’t fight so that the elections can be declared “unfree” and “unfair” why not trying hitting below the belt. Move away from politics into the bedroom.

One South African media outlet today reported that Grace Mugabe had once again said that any normal person should not vote for Tsvangirai because of his philandering. She is reported to have said Tsvangirai courted more than 100 women before settling for Elizabeth Macheka.

I was just asking myself could this be true, given that he had to go through a period of mourning for Suzan? How many different women would that be a month? When did he get the time to do official duties?

I know Grace had a spat with Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka but if she indeed went even further, what is it that she knows that we don’t know?

But the most important question is could this bedroom politics really affect Tsvangirai’s chances? It indeed could.

A very unscientific poll by The Insider in which we asked: “Women say Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s womanising is likely to cost him votes from women in the next elections. Men say it could in fact get him more votes because he has shown that he is a real man (Murume chaiye). Who do you think is right?-had the following results:

  • 40 percent said the women were right.
  • 30 percent said men were right, and another
  • 30 percent said none of the two was right.


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Charles Rukuni
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