What do Zimbabwe and Scotland have in common?


The first past the post system which has allowed “iron discipline” by the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front may mean that you win your way but you are not representing the full range of the people.

That is the opinion of British Conservative Member of Parliament Kwasi Kwarteng who was arguing for  Britain to leave the European Union and felt that it was very odd that members of the Scottish National Party did not want the UK to leave the EU when 38 percent of the people had voted to leave.

One of the curiosities of first past the post is that 38% of Scotland voted to leave the EU, but the SNP is entirely negative about the prospect of leaving it. It shows an iron discipline that Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe would be very proud of, but it is not representing the full range of Scottish opinion,” he said yesterday.

“I want to make a very obvious point. For every £1 we receive from the EU, we put £2 in. That is what being a net contributor means. We can therefore more than compensate for the loss of any EU subsidies from our own budget, which—this is the point—we can decide for ourselves in the United Kingdom Parliament.

“One would think that Britain never had a thriving, successful industry and agriculture before we joined the European Economic Community in 1972. Britain had industry, business and farming for 1 000 years before that. If the Opposition parties knew their history—I am surprised that Labour Members have not mentioned this—they would know that the Labour party introduced the Agriculture Act 1947, which very successfully underpinned British agriculture before we joined the EEC. No one remembers that; we just have doom and gloom from the Opposition parties.”


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Charles Rukuni
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