Tsvangirai says geriatrics like Mugabe cannot govern the twitter generation


Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai today said geriatrics like President Robert Mugabe cannot govern the twitter generation that now constitutes 60 percent of Zimbabwe’s population but should instead receive our care.

“Yesterday’s people cannot comprehend the dynamics of today. Today’s challenges need today’s people. By virtue of his age, the President is certainly yesterday’s man,” he said.

Tsvangirai said this when he signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another opposition party Transform Zimbabwe which he described as a young and vibrant which has its roots in the religious and civic community.

Tsvangirai has already signed MOUs with Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party and Welshman Ncube’s MDC.

“As MDC we recognize that good leadership entails amongst other things the ability to assist in the creation of new leaders and not recycle already recycled and failed ones as part of the process of building a vibrant multi-party democracy in our country for today and for posterity,” Tsvangirai said. 

“We need to infuse new blood and new thinking in our body politic. Old wine in new bottles just won’t cut it, because it will be a continuation of the status quo. We need vibrancy and a leadership focused on the current and future challenges that our country and in particular our young people are facing and will face. 

“An agenda anchored on the past as represented by ZANU-PF and its neo-acolytes or should I say Zanulites, won’t cut it. Matakadya kare haanyaradze Mwana.”

Tsvangirai said Mugabe now needed a rest to allow the country to move forward.

“Our narrative goes beyond simply saying Mugabe must go, even though that is the ideal starting point. The real work for this country begins the morning after his departure which is why we in the MDC are sharpening a robust transformative policy agenda that will rehabilitate all sectors of the country’s political economy.

“Yes, Mugabe should not stand by virtue of his age. That is only the starting point, but an important one for that matter. It is Mugabe’s age that has paralyzed the entirety of government as everyone within the corridors of power focuses not on the crisis facing the people but on a succession agenda that is now being pursued along factional lines.

“Zimbabwe is greater than individuals and thank God, some in ZANU-PF now agree with what some of us have been saying for years that there will still be a country and a people beyond Mugabe.”

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