Tsvangirai calls for transitional authority in Zimbabwe

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai has today called for a negotiated all-inclusive transitional authority to run the country.

Speaking at a press conference as the military negotiated with Mugabe to step down, Tsvangirai said that the purpose, essence, nature and character of the transitional authority must be agreed upon by all national stakeholders.

It is not clear how the provisional government which has been negotiating with Mugabe will take this as it says Mugabe has already agreed to resign and will set up a provisional government within 48 hours.

Below is Tsvangirai’s statement in full:

Thursday, 16 November 2017

President Morgan Tsvangirai’s Statement to the Press

Today, I convened a meeting of the party’s Standing Committee in Harare to deliberate on the current situation in the country.

Our country has been undergoing an extremely difficult period since the disputed and illegitimate election of 2013.

Unemployment, poverty, corruption and cash shortages have become commonplace. At the centre of this crisis, is a crisis of governance and leadership. It is a crisis of legitimacy surrounding the Presidential and general election in Zimbabwe. People demand and deserve change.

Over the years, Mr. Mugabe has presided over violent and rigged elections. Unfortunately, regional bodies have tolerated this for far too long. Mr Mugabe manipulates the voters roll, ballot papers and intimidates citizens mostly in the rural areas through unconstitutional means.

After four hours of deliberations, we took the following position;

Noting that the endgame, the destination point to the resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe is a total return to legitimacy and fully civilian rule through a credible, free and fair election under a truly independent and international supervision,

Acknowledging that national solutions to national problems are best sculptured by the people of Zimbabwe with the solidarity of the international community,

Further acknowledging and saluting the role played by the war veterans in the liberation struggle and recognizing that all we seek as the MDC is to complete the unfinished business of that sacred liberation war waged in our land,

Appreciating the assurances and the commitment to peace and the sanctity of human life by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, including respect for citizens’ fundamental rights,

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