The Tendai Biti Wikileaks dossier


Finance Minister Tendai Biti is considered one of the most powerful men in the Movement for Democratic Change where as secretary-general he is generally regarded as the party’s number two. But he is also said to be very ambitious. There are 231 cables that mention his name.

Here is the complete list:


231-US assessment of inclusive government after one year in office

230-UK can’t find why eight parastatals were put on EU sanctions

229-Investors showing renewed interest in Zimbabwe

228-Biti blasts ZANU-PF

227-Bennett says MDC is good at campaigning not governing

226-Biti the only MDC leader who has the respect of SADC chiefs

225-What Obert Gutu said about Tsvangirai

224-No land audit until sanctions are lifted

223-Chindori-Chininga says Obert Mpofu is a crook and a thief

222-EU lifted sanctions on Zimbabwe at request of Biti- Wikileaks

221-ACR boss says Mbada can increase diamond production 10-fold

220-Biti asks US to lift sanctions on three banks

219-US ambassador says sanctions do not keep investors out of Zimbabwe

218-Biti says Mujuru and Mnangagwa are unelectable

217-Zimbabwe short of 1000 MW, but exports electricity

216-Tsvangirai says Gono is the lesser of two evils

215-Swazi diplomat says Mugabe is a political Maradona

214-Mining recovers but

213-US embassy says Mugabe is the glue that holds ZANU-PF together

212-Biti gains confidence

211-EU working on a programme to remove security chiefs as a threat!

210-Biti says Gono is a thief

209-MDC’s Majome says Chinamasa is frank and open but is undermining her

208-Zimbabwe banks whistle past the graveyard

207-NGO bemoans MDC’s underestimation of ZANU-PF

206-IMF worried about continuing mismanagement at RBZ

205-Biti’s budget woes

204-Botswana official says Zuma is a big disappointment

203-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over GPA

202-Biti named best finance minister in Africa

201-Gorden Moyo says without Mugabe there would be chaos

200-Biti and Mangoma say MDC will win elections despite violence

199-Biti says Mugabe is tired

198-Biti says Zimdollar not coming back soon

197-Tsvangirai frustrated but says he cannot leave inclusive government

196-Mangoma says Zimbabweans must rely on themselves

195-Biti will fail if he tries to take over from Tsvangirai- researcher

194-Pretoria bails out Biti

193-Why Gono and Biti clashed over IMF money- Wikileaks

192-Biti confident Zimbabwe and South Africa will conclude BIPA

191-US embassy says no one is keen on elections

190-Biti laments that Zimbabwe is still a failed state

189-Biti asks South Africa for more aid

188-Biti on diamonds committee

187-Biti told: “prepare your will”

186-Zimbabwe forecasts first positive growth in a decade

185-Biti says ZANU-PF is too preoccupied with Mugabe succession

184-Tomana refuses to budge

183-Biti buries Zimbabwe dollar

182-Politically motivated prosecution of MDC-T legislators a futile exercise- Wikileaks

181-Confusion over loan from China

180-US ambassador questions MDC ability to push for reform

179-Johnnie Carson says Mugabe’s stay in power is infinite

178-Masiyiwa baffled by Tsvangirai and Biti’s view of Mugabe

177-Britain’s Miliband calls for support for MDC-controlled ministries

176-Britain told Biti to push GNU to implement GPA to get aid- Wikileaks

175-Biti, Chamisa pile pressure on Tsvangirai to deal with Mugabe

174-Biti describes Mugabe as bosom buddy, lambasts Mnangagwa

173-Tsvangirai persuades Gono to step down

172-Biti demands investigation of Gono

171-Who is who in the Parliamentary Select Committee?

170-Tsvangirai says Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

169-Biti says Gono issue is just academic

168-US embassy disagrees with IMF sides with Biti

167-Matinenga says MPs should not view their seats as jobs

166-Can’t say no to a Benz

165-US embassy considers getting Zimbank and Agribank off sanctions list

164-Mugabe said Biti was his best Finance Minister ever

163-Mangoma told US ambassador MDC had no desire to push Mugabe out

162-US embassy showers Biti with praise on his first budget

161-Mzembi says Mugabe will not support Mnangagwa or Mujuru to succeed him

160-Mai Mujuru sides with MDC to oppose farm invasions

159-Dlamini-Zuma on how US could help Zimbabwe

158-Biti shows his muscle

157-How many teachers are there in Zimbabwe?

156-Mangoma says Biti cooked his first budget with Mugabe

155-Sipepa Nkomo says Mai Mujuru was very critical of ZANU-PF

154-US ambassador says it is in US interest to support MDC

153-Rare week in Harare

152-Why Mugabe can’t fire Gono

151-Zimbabwe up for sale

150-Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption

149-Biti and Gono tussle over vouchers

148-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

147-SADC promised to raise US$2 billion for Zimbabwe

146-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

145-Biti drops levies and charges

144-Biti says the government is broke

143-Donors set conditions to bail out Tsvangirai and Biti

142-Biti gets the worst job in the world

141-Britain considers putting prosecutor on sanctions list

140-Biti sues Herald for US$500 000

139-Biti says Mugabe and ZANU-PF are stupid not to compromise

138-US wanted Mugabe out, Mujuru in in inclusive government

137-Chamisa says Biti wanted to become Deputy Prime Minister

136-MDC lawyer says Mugabe will rule until he is the last man alive in Harare

135-MDC says it was not involved in Shiri assassination attempt

134-Biti says MDC now paying lip service to dialogue

133-Makumbe says GPA is a bad deal, a very bad deal

132-Three MDC power centres hampered progress

131-Chamisa says Tsvangirai’s US advisor is a big problem

130-Biti still facing treason charges

129-US ambassador says there is bad blood between Biti and Ncube

128-Chamisa and Biti did not want GPA

127-SADC Troika fails to break deadlock

126-Biti says GPA is doomed to fail

125-Parliament tied by delay in reaching agreement

124-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over ministerial posts

123-Mzembi says there is no rift between Mugabe and Mnangagwa

122-Biti says ZANU-PF refusing to give in on ministries

121-Lawyer says Tsvangirai signed GPA without MDC national council approval

120-Biti says “Tsvangirai’s idiocy is shocking”

119-Mugabe, Mutambara biggest winners in GPA

118-Biti says anything Mugabe touches is poisoned

117-Tsvangirai upbeat about signing of GPA

116-Biti to raise food aid issue in parliament

115-Kutama spared from food ban because of Mugabe’s son

114-Biti was adamant talks would go nowhere two weeks before signing of GPA

113-Tsvangirai, Biti barred from travelling to SADC summit

112-MDC advisor says the party will fall apart as soon as Mugabe is gone

111-Political tug-of-war- Mugabe versus Tsvangirai

110-Grace agreed to power-sharing agreement

109-US asked if MDC was going to be swallowed by ZANU-PF like ZAPU

108-MDC paralysed by spate of arrests

107-US pushes for military intervention in Zimbabwe

106-Mai Mujuru tried to outmanoeuvre Mnangagwa during unity talks

105-Tsvangirai was aware after June 2008 that he could not lead new government

104-Biti was opposed to any government that included Mugabe

103-Why Mugabe went ahead with the presidential elections runoff in 2008

102-Operation Red Finger

101-Biti released from jail

100-Tsvangirai comes out of hiding

99-Biti ill-treated in jail

98-US piles pressure on UN security council

97-Biti in court for treason

96-SADC says climate not right for credible runoff

95-US warns Mugabe’s safety cannot be guaranteed if violence continues

94-ZANUPF crackdown on opposition continues

 93-Bennett says Masiyiwa is a control freak

92-Ncube says unity talks are on

91-Biti says MDC is ready for GNH but without Mugabe

90-Diplomats question Tsvangirai’s ability to deliver

89-MDC broke after 2008 elections

88-SADC pushes for government of national unity

87-ZANU-PF had three options after its 2008 defeat

86-ZANUPF rampage continues

85-Mwanawasa accused Mbeki of being insincere about Zimbabwe

84-Biti says Mbeki is now part of the Zimbabwe problem

83-MDC parallel voting centre useless

82-Zambian Foreign Minister says there is no crisis at all in Zimbabwe

81-Tsvangirai says he won but ready for runoff

80-Biti says MDC will not take part in runoff

79-MDC rejects recount, warns of violence

78-Observers concerned about delay in releasing results

77-MDC says Tsvangirai won presidential poll

76-Tsvangirai vacillates on results

75-Biti says Mbeki is full of bull shit

74-MDC confident of victory

73-Is not winning, losing?

72-US funded parallel vote count in 2008 elections

71-Bennett predicted shock victory for MDC in 2008

70-MDC reunification collapse

69-Talks dead, MDC in a quandary

68-MDC factions agreed to field Tsvangirai as president

67-Biti says Mbeki is full of bull shit

65-Government bans MDC march

64-Mbeki gave Mugabe three options before 2008 elections

63-Behind the scenes in the run-up to the 2008 elections

62-Bennett says US funded Mbeki campaign against Zuma

61-MDC sets conditions for SADC agreement

60-Mugabe has to indicate by “body language” he wants change- Biti

59-Chronology of Zimbabwe talks April to October 2007

58-Biti urges more sanctions, Ncube disagrees

57-Bennett planned to retire if MDC did not win 2008 elections

56-Masamvu sceptical about constitutional amendment

55-Biti told US officials MDC had no chance in the 2008 elections

54-Botswana wanted to “take the gloves off” with Mugabe

53-Ncube says pressure from West working but Mugabe prefers African solution

52-Biti says Mufamadi hit the roof after reviewing ZANU-PF paper on talks 

51-ZANU-PF fails to turn up for talks

50-Government introduces indigenisation bill

49-Zimbabwe talks kick off

48-Mugabe tried to put Mujuru under surveillance but CIO refused

47-Bennett kept million-dollar funding to MDC secret to keep vultures at bay

46-Masamvu passes MDC document to US officials

45-Masamvu double-cross

44-Mutambara says opposition is united to drive out Mugabe

43-Funeral of MDC activist postponed because leaders are in hospital

42-Police brutally disrupt prayer meeting

41-Police crackdown on opposition rallies

40-Reunification of the MDC on the cards but……

39-Wikileaks says Masamvu on US payroll

38-MDC suspends troublesome MP

37-Commission says MDC has been infiltrated by CIO

36-MDC attacks MDC

35-Biti says Mnangagwa and Mujuru were courting Tsvangirai

34-Reenergised MDC ready to confront Mugabe

33-Tsvangirai wins, says there is no room for dictators

32-Mutambara says Tsvangirai has become a “little Mugabe”

31-US ambassador says Chimanikire in uninspiring and not well-regarded

30-Coltart says MDC split causing fissures in ZANU-PF

29-Divorce-MDC Style

28-Tsvangirai says Bennett needs strategic vision

27-Bennett says Tsvangirai is the MDC’s only chance

26-Biti asks: Why should Tsvangirai be held to a higher standard?

25-Tsvangirai walks to work

24-US official says Jonathan Moyo is a political chameleon

23-MDC seeks “continued” US Support

22-Tsvangirai was confident MDC would win 2005 elections

21-Nigerian President leaves Zimbabwe empty handed

20-US ambassador not impressed by MDC’s RESTART programme

19-MDC asked US embassy to arrange meeting with Bush in South Africa

18-War vets call Americans white animals

17-Tsvangirai arrested after organising successful stay-away

16-MDC plans to boycott ZANU-PF owned businesses

15-Police harass MDC MPs

14-Biti had no respect for Mbeki

13-Biti did not believe MDC would win presidential election challenge in court

12-Obasanjo promised Tsvangirai he would urge Mugabe to step down

11-Tsvangirai and Biti described as Uncle Toms

10-Biti complaints about ZANU-PF’s tactics

9-Chamisa, Musekiwa, Jongwe and Sikhala are ZANU-PF plants!

8-MDC adrift

7-MDC begins impeachment proceedings against Mugabe

6-MDC prepares to impeach Mugabe

5-Tsvangirai gets caught up in excitement of the moment

4-Government trying to throttle MDC

3-Mugabe is like a father who has betrayed his children – MP

2-US says its public diplomacy has paid off in Zimbabwe

1-US embassy expected MDC to win 30 seats in 2000


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