The Morgan Tsvangirai Wikileaks cables


The Prime Minister and Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai has fought for democracy in Zimbabwe since he became secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in the 1980s. In fact, it was in that role that he was catapulted to the MDC. He has the highest number of Wikileaks cables released on Zimbabwe. But whether it was for better or worse, only the public can decide. There are 726 cables on him. Here they are.

726US assessment of inclusive government after one year in office

725-History of ANC and ZANU-PF not as close as people think

724-UK can’t find why eight parastatals were put on EU sanctions

723-Zimbabwe’s problems are centred on succession issue-strategist

722-Investors showing renewed interest in Zimbabwe

721-Bennett says MDC is good at campaigning not governing

720-Biti the only MDC leader who has the respect of SADC chiefs

719-What Obert Gutu said about Tsvangirai

718-US ambassador’s analysis of Media Commission members

717-Zuma told Mugabe and Tsvangirai to move forward

716-Chindori-Chininga said Obert Mpofu is a crook and a thief

715-Tsvangirai’s letter to Obama

714-Tsvangirai said Mugabe was using GPA to maintain ZANUPF control

713-VP Mujuru held clandestine meeting with US ambassador

712-Tsvangirai said Gono was the lesser of two evils

711-Only 6 to 12 ZANU-PF officials are looters

710-Swazi diplomat said Mugabe is a political Maradona

709-US ambassador said Mnangagwa and Mujuru are not likely to become president

708-ZAPU full of leftover old farts

707-SADC was getting impatient with Zimbabwe

706-Swazi Minister said employees in Tsvangirai’s office earn US$7 000 a month

705-Biti said Gono was a thief

704-ZANU-PF’s outstanding issues

703-SA minister called Mugabe crazy old man

702-MDC boycotts cabinet meetings

701-A week of raids, arrests and mayhem

700-Zimbabwe deports UN Special Rapporteur on torture

699-Mangoma asked US to contribute to fund to pay off service chiefs

698-MDC had no plan B

697-Tsvangirai piles pressure on Mugabe to appoint governors

696-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over GPA

695-Tensions remain

694-Mozambique surprised by Tsvangirai’s pull out

693-Tsvangirai wondered how much longer he could take it

692-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF is taking him for a ride

691-MDC pull out in 2009 was all a façade

690-Mutambara accused Charamba of foot dragging on media commission

689-Zimbabweans credited Tsvangirai with improvement

688-Biti named best finance minister in Africa

687-Gorden Moyo said without Mugabe there would be chaos

686-US did not take Tsvangirai seriously on call to end sanctions

685-US to work with Mai Mujuru as she might be next president

684-Biti says Mugabe is tired

683-Tsvangirai frustrated but he cannot leave inclusive government

682-Zimbabweans in the diaspora not keen to invest in the country?

681-Tsvangirai confronted Mugabe

680-MP haunted by ngozi after election violence

679-Mugabe’s attitude towards Tsvangirai matures

678-Mangoma said Zimbabweans must rely on themselves

677-Biti will fail if he tries to take over from Tsvangirai- researcher

676-Coltart wanted civil society to be involved in constitution making

675-SADC wanted sanctions on Zimbabwe lifted

674-Tsvangirai says Mugabe is a tyrant

673-Mugabe tells US delegation differences in GPA are “little issues”

672-Zuma to be tougher on Mugabe than Mbeki says Mantashe

671-Zimbabwe mooted human trafficking law three years ago

670-US embassy says no one is keen on elections

669-US concerned about Mugabe’s successor

668-Belgium ready to help Zimbabweans but not ZANU-PF hardliners

667-Did military chiefs salute Tsvangirai or Mujuru?

666-Biti says ZANU-PF is too preoccupied with Mugabe succession

665-Tsvangirai’s childhood friend appointed ambassador

664-Why Tsvangirai will not allow inclusive government to collapse

663-Matinenga said constitution depends on Mugabe

662-Mugabe astonished Mzembi was excluded from meeting with Obama

661-Confusion over loan from China

660-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

659-US ambassador questioned MDC ability to push for reform

658-Britain increased aid to Zimbabwe to prop MDC but did not believe Tsvangirai could deliver on reforms

657-Tsvangirai’ s niece in land grab

656-US ambassador said Grace seems to have aged

655-Mutambara says Mugabe gave Tsvangirai crumbs

654-Johnnie Carson said Mugabe’s stay in power is infinite

653-ZANUPF and MDC resolve some outstanding issues

652-Mai Mujuru the only ZANU-PF heavyweight sharing dais with Tsvangirai

651-Masiyiwa baffled by Tsvangirai and Biti’s view of Mugabe

650-Britain told Biti to push GNU to implement GPA to get aid

649-Biti described Mugabe as bosom buddy, lambasted Mnangagwa

648-Mugabe denied he had anything against Bennett

647-Tsvangirai’s honeymoon over

646-Biti demands investigation of Gono

645-White farmers wanted US$20 billion compensation to end land dispute

644-Chamisa stripped of powers

643-Tsvangirai said Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

642-Batswana were now asking why they should pay for Zimbabwe’s mess

641-Tsvangirai asked why anyone should doubt Zimbabwe’s reforms

640-Gutu elected chair of powerful Parliamentary Legal Committee

639-An analysis of trade unions in Zimbabwe by the United States embassy

638-Dlamini-Zuma on how US could help Zimbabwe

637-Thugs on the payroll and in the classroom

636-Khama urged UK to support Zimbabwe

635-Moyo called for investigation of USAID operations in Zimbabwe

634-US ambassador said it was in US interest to support MDC

633-Rare week in Harare

632-Tsvangirai said there was a one-in-one-thousand chance that the accident that killed his wife was intentional

631-Tsvangirai called for easing of sanctions

630-Zimbabwe up for sale

629-South Africa paid Zimbabwe $100m a month for peace to host World Cup

628-Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption

627-Abductees released

626-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

625-Khupe told US ambassador Mugabe was crazy

624-France said it would watch Mugabe

623-What a birthday bash!

622-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

621-Mpofu said Gono had grown too big

620-Tsvangirai challenges ZANU-PF actions

619-Zambian civil society said Tsvangirai was arrogant and self-serving

618-Donors set conditions to bail out Tsvangirai and Biti

617-Tsvangirai told McGee inclusive government would work

616-Mangoma thought Mugabe and Tsvangirai would have equal powers in NSC

615-Britain considered putting prosecutor on sanctions list

614-Kikwete advised Tsvangirai to join inclusive government

613-Biti sues Herald for US$500 000

612-Tsvangirai said his first order of business was to replace Gono

611-Half the people of Zimbabwe believe outside forces torturing them

610-US ambassador gave Tsvangirai first task a week before he was sworn in

609-Inclusive government the only game in town

608-Khama was frustrated with Tsvangirai

607-Tsvangirai said Mugabe needs me more than I need him

606-Botswana said Tsvangirai had no authority over MDC

605-SADC gave Mugabe two weeks to swear in Tsvangirai

604-Biti was opposed to GNU under any circumstances

603-Botswana said it would only recognise a government where MDC had fair share of power

602-Biti said Mugabe and ZANU-PF were stupid not to compromise

601-Namibia said resignation of Mugabe was not the answer

600-Tsvangirai on returning to Zimbabwe

599-Chamisa said US rhetoric on Mugabe was counterproductive

598-US saw AU summit as a chance to push its interests

597-Tsvangirai acknowledged Mugabe’s resilience

596-Two-year-old terrorist?

595-Friends of Zimbabwe meeting put on hold!

594-Mugabe’s Christmas present for Tsvangirai

593-US wanted Mugabe out, Mujuru in in inclusive government

592-Chamisa said Biti wanted to become Deputy Prime Minister

592-MDC lawyer said Mugabe will rule until he is the last man alive in Harare

591-Detainees remain in jail despite court orders

590-Tsvangirai’s strategy

589-Christmas in jail

588-Tsvangirai gave Mugabe two weeks to release activists

587-Botswana on the defensive

586-SA refused to bow down to pressure to force Mugabe to step down

585-Tsvangirai could stay in Botswana as long as he wanted

584-US did not believe Mugabe could be a credible power-sharing partner

583-Why Mugabe arrested MDC activists

582-Odinga urged AU to send troops to remove Mugabe

581-Tutu said Mugabe should be removed by military force

580-Chamisa said Tsvangirai’s US advisor was a big problem

579-Parties agree to Amendment 19

578-Mbeki told MDC Zimbabwe would never share borders with West

577-French official said Tsvangirai was naïve perhaps even delusional

576-South Africa’s IDC was keen to invest in Zimbabwe

575-Tsvangirai’s travels could land him in jail

574-Tsvangirai said no deal was better than bad deal

573-Khama isolated because of his outspokenness!

572-US ambassador said there was bad blood between Biti and Ncube

571-Namibia told Tsvangirai GNU was only solution

570-Botswana said GPA was dead

569-AU leaders were expected to tear Mugabe apart

568-What is it that the West sees in Zimbabwe that Zimbabweans don’t see?

567-Zuma asked how West could expect cooperation from Mugabe when they were so critical of him

566-Chamisa and Biti did not want GPA

565-Industry leaders accused Gono of trying to buy favours to silence them

564-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF still treated MDC as junior partner

563-Namibia secretary to cabinet said Mugabe had tremendous ego

562-What the US planned to do if GPA failed

561-Biti said GPA was doomed to fail

560-Tsvangirai said the military could step in if power-sharing deal failed

559-Mugabe astonished Mzembi was excluded from meeting with Obama

558-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over ministerial posts

557-Mzembi said he admired the MDC

556-Who will be beheaded first- Gono, Mugabe, Mutambara, Chihuri…?

555-US said the GPA had plenty of holes

554-UNDP had plan for Zimbabwe

553-Mugabe reneging on his commitments!

552-Lawyer said Tsvangirai signed GPA without MDC national council approval

551-Gono and Grace wanted to marginalise Tsvangirai

550-Tsvangirai planned listening tours!

549-Mangoma wanted to be Minister of Finance

548-Mandela did not deserve to have a successor like Mbeki

547-Mugabe retained significant power

546-Biti said anything Mugabe touches is poisoned

545-Tsvangirai upbeat about signing of GPA

544-Tsvangirai tries to bridge political divide

543-Tsvangirai was confident he would be driver of policy in GNU

542-Odinga saw himself as Tsvangirai’s mentor

541-Outlines of a deal- What Tsvangirai told McGee

540-US applauded EU for placing Gono on sanctions list

539-Senegalese Foreign Minister said Tsvangirai called every day

538-Mugabe surprised everyone at Mwanawasa’s funeral

537-Makoni said Mnangagwa and the military were key to solution

536-Biti was adamant talks would go nowhere two weeks before signing of GPA

535-Chinotimba collected “tax” from people of Buhera South

534-Embassy said Tsvangirai went to Botswana to raise funds

533-Mangoma said Tsvangirai was more malleable than Mugabe

532-Tsvangirai wanted to be President with Mugabe as Prime Minister- Wikileaks

531-Tsvangirai insisted he should be head of government

530-MDC advisors preferred a Transitional Authority not GNU

529-Tsvangirai, Biti barred from travelling to SADC summit

528-Better to go slow and arrive alive

527-UN envoy predicted that MDC would not rush for elections once in power

526-Tsvangirai said Mbeki, Mugabe and Mutambara ganged up against him

525-MDC advisor said the party will fall apart as soon as Mugabe goes

524-British PM told Tsvangirai no help if Mugabe retained executive power

523-Mbeki facilitates one-on-one talks between Mugabe and Tsvangirai

522-Tsvangirai met Gono to reassure him of his future before GPA

521-Masiyiwa said Chinamasa and Goche lacked enough authority

520-Tsvangirai, Mugabe were focussed too much on power

519-Egypt told US it was not taking sides on Zimbabwe

518-Tsvangirai said MDC would never play subordinate role to ZANU-PF

517-US ambassador said some reports of violence by MDC were questionable

516-CSU and MDC differ on people killed during election violence

515-Kikwete said only Mbeki could talk to Mugabe

514-MDC wanted Mnangagwa out totally

513-Odinga said Mugabe and Tsvangirai wanted to talk but…

512-US wanted Tsvangirai to form government with Mai Mujuru

511-State media toned down hate speech against Tsvangirai

510-Masiyiwa drafted power sharing agreement which Mugabe accepted!

509-Civil society wanted transitional government not GNU

508-Tsvangirai was optimistic after meeting Mugabe for 90 minutes

507-US asked if MDC was going to be swallowed by ZANU-PF like ZAPU

506-Tsvangirai refused to sign MOU unless AU mediator was present

505-MDC paralysed by spate of arrests

504-UN boss said Tsvangirai was not a good politician

503-Biti thought Tsvangirai was weak

502-US wanted EU to extent sanctions on Mugabe lieutenants

501-Goche and Chinamasa in MDC talks

500-Mujuru found Tsvangirai more acceptable than Mnangagwa

499-China said problem in Zimbabwe was not Mugabe but Tsvangirai

498-Indonesia wary about US sanctions proposal

497-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe

496-SA ambassador accused Europeans of trying to impose Tsvangirai as president

495-Mugabe plotted to steal election

494-Why Botswana did not accept Zimbabwe’s election results

493-Botswana said it did not recognise Mugabe’s victory

492-Libya castigated Tsvangirai for seeking refuge in Dutch embassy

491-US implored EU to place Gono on sanctions list

490-Tsvangirai was aware after June 2008 that he could not lead new government

489-Did MDC and ZANU-PF Karangas plan a pact in 2008?

488-Why Mugabe went ahead with the presidential elections runoff in 2008

487-US pushed for military intervention in Zimbabwe in 2008

486-Canada tougher on Zimbabwe after the 2008 elections- Wikileaks

485-AU said Zimbabwe elections fell short of accepted standards

484-Mugabe was a dictator trying to intimidate Africa and the world

483-SADC advocated GNU before presidential elections run off

482-South Africa is anchor in US-Africa policy

481-Canada pledged to fight Mugabe regime

480-Tsvangirai comes out of hiding

479-Vacuum of leadership could lead to chaos

478-Biti ill-treated in jail

477-France said Mugabe is nothing but a swindler and assassin

476-Zuma advisor said US should not expect ANC to support Tsvangirai

475-Tsvangirai told Mbeki he was no match for Mugabe

474-Mugabe said there would be war if opposition won

473-US piles pressure on UN security council

472-Hidden hunger at Harvest House

471-UN envoy wanted GNU without Mugabe

470-US warned Mugabe’s safety could not be guaranteed if violence continued

469-Frazer said Mugabe is testing us all

468-ZANU-PF crackdown on opposition continues

467-US ambassador found no new evidence of violence

466-Why the US wanted a UN Security Council meeting on Zimbabwe

465-Ncube said unity talks were on

464-United opposition unlikely

463-Civic leader said Mnangagwa was extraordinarily wealthy

462-MDC had lost hope in SADC

461-ZESN helped prevent Mugabe from stealing 2008 election

460-Tsvangirai’s Restore Hope Campaign

459-Mauritius said allowing Mugabe to run unopposed would be a disaster

458-Was Grace prophetic about Tsvangirai?

457-Murehwa mourned MDC leader in silence

456-Makoni attracted wrath of media for saying MDC was violent

455-Tsvangirai planned to launch Murambatsvina and Gukurahundi funds

 454-Tsvangirai asked Mwanawasa for help

453-Bennett said Masiyiwa was a control freak

452-Tsvangirai asked for $2.5 million from Morocco

451-US piled pressure on Mwanawasa to act on Zimbabwe

450-Tsvangirai asked for 30 minutes but was given two hours by Lesotho

449-US warned citizens against using cameras in Zimbabwe

448-Did Lesotho snub Tsvangirai?

447-Tsvangirai listed “dealbreakers” to participate in run-off

446-Mbeki said Tsvangirai was a western puppet hook, line and sinker

445-Diplomats questioned Tsvangirai’s ability to deliver

444-Tsvangirai galvanised short-lived MDC united front

443-Ghana’s Mills said Tsvangirai could not be trusted

442-Violence escalates but Americans spared

441-Masamvu said Mugabe would hand over to Mnangagwa in six months

440-Ambassadors said Tsvangirai needed to defend the victory he claimed

439-Another MDC advisor said party had no plan to move ahead

438-Jendayi Frazer said Tsvangirai won the elections

437-Dhlakama arranged for Tsvangirai to meet Chissano and Guebuza

436-Goche, Chinamasa and Mnangagwa were prepared to ditch Mugabe

435-Spotting investment opportunities in Zimbabwe’s ruins

434-Britain was so frustrated by Mbeki over Zimbabwe that it decided to talk to Zuma- Wikileaks

433-MDC parallel voting centre were useless

432-Makoni said Tsvangirai was influenced too much by Masiyiwa and Bennett

431-Vote for Mugabe or else!

430-Tsvangirai wanted Mbeki replaced as mediator

429-Trevor Ncube said the MDC was unstrategic and arrogant

428-Masiyiwa said Tsvangirai won 2008 elections

427-Khupe described the 2008 elections as a “slow moving coup”

426-Tsvangirai and Makoni had no problem with elections

425-Tsvangirai surrounded by paparazzi like a rock star

424-Trevor Ncube admitted he was not a fan of Tsvangirai

423-Mugabe chickens out!

422-Biti says MDC will not take part in runoff

421-Mwanawasa misread Mugabe

420-ZANU-PF was ready to go to wear to stop Tsvangirai

419-MDC rejected recount, warned of violence

418-Was Mt Darwin vote rigged?

417-Embassy said Tsvangirai’s fears were unfounded

416-Mamabolo said Mugabe’s votes might have been undercounted

415-Paper said election officials tampered with Mugabe votes

414-Mutambara sought coalition with Tsvangirai

413-Zuma advisor said ANC could not do anything about Zimbabwe

412-ZANU-PF Senate can delay but not stop legislation

411-Zuma’s advisor at a loss regarding Zimbabwe

410-Tsvangirai condemns reengineering of results

409-Tsvangirai said he won but ready for runoff

408-Observers concerned about delay in releasing results

407-US embassy ruled out Tsvangirai victory

406-Was Tsvangirai taken for a ride by Mugabe?

405-MDC said Tsvangirai won presidential poll

404-Goche negotiated Mugabe exit with MDC

403-Tsvangirai vacillated on results

402-Mugabe was ready to concede defeat in 2008 – Wikileaks

401-ZANU-PF planned to rig 2008 election a day after vote- Wikileaks

400-Why Mugabe backed off

399-Mugabe planned to announce himself winner

398-US funded parallel vote count in 2008 elections

397-Mujuru promised to support Tsvangirai if Mugabe stole election

396-Mutasa said Mugabe had to go

395-MDC campaign funds used by party bigwigs!

394-Tsvangirai surged ahead in poll

393-Masiyiwa funded anti-rigging plan in 2008 elections- Wikileaks

392-Gen Mujuru told Mugabe to resign two weeks before 2008 elections!

391-US ambassador said Makoni candidacy would make rigging more difficult

390-Dabengwa was confident Mugabe could be defeated

389-Goche refused US offer for a Mugabe exit package

388-Mugabe led in opinion poll three weeks before elections

387-Mandaza expected Mujuru to publicly back Makoni before elections

386-Tsvangirai said Zimbabweans must count on themselves

385-Masiyiwa said Mujuru was a mafia boss

384-Masiyiwa said MDC did not have plan for “day after” the election

383-Potential trouble for ZANU-PF

382-Simba Makoni or Jonathan Moyo-who was responsible for postponement of nomination date?

381-Mujuru wanted Mugabe to go because his business was being affected

380-MDC reunification collapses

379-Talks dead, MDC in a quandary

378-Tsvangirai dragged by police from his home

377-Mangoma said Tsvangirai was more malleable than Mugabe

376-MDC factions agreed to field Tsvangirai as president

375-US ambassador refused to buy MDC spin

374-Trevor Ncube said the MDC was a “tired and contaminated brand”

373-Tsvangirai put pressure on Mugabe to postpone elections

372-Mugabe rejected election porposals for 2008

371-Mushore said the Mujurus were behind Makoni

370-Ten Mutambara MPs were ready to defect- Bennett

369-US government funded Mbeki to stop Zuma from becoming president

368-MDC promised to present a united front

367-Chamisa said MDC would be finished if it boycotted 2008 elections

366-MDC set conditions for SADC agreement

365-Tsvangirai wanted MDC to come up with a unified slate of candidates

364-Turmoil in the MDC

363-Bennett “over the moon” with Tsvangirai’s leadership

362-Tsvangirai threatened to pull out

361-MDC pressured into signing constitutional amendment

360-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF not to be trusted

359-Mbeki wanted an election that would not be disputed

358-Is labour still a player

357-Tsvangirai and Gono planned to form a political party

356-Trevor Ncube thoroughly disgusted with MDC

355-Botswana wanted to “take the gloves off” with Mugabe

354-Mugabe’s priest

353-JOC behind the disastrous 2007 price controls

352-Masiyiwa prepared recovery plan with Nkosana Moyo

351-MDC was going to look for new leader if Tsvangirai lost 2008 election

350-Dell promised to assist opposition trip to US

349-Tsvangirai said everything was in short supply in Zimbabwe except misery

348-Why MDC unity talks broke down

347-Government arrests human rights lawyers

346-Bennett kept million-dollar funding to MDC secret to keep vultures at bay

345-Masiyiwa had ties to both ZANU-PF and MDC!

344-Tsvangirai said Mbeki did not like him personally

343-Mbeki wanted Mugabe out before he left office

342-Jonathan Moyo said Mandela asked Mugabe to step down in 2007

341-Kasukuwere rumoured to be leader of hit squad

340-Mutambara told Dell that Tsvangirai would be sole MDC candidate

339-Mutambara said Mugabe had betrayed the liberation struggle

338-US embassy monitors government actions during funeral of MDC activist

337-Chikane said Mugabe was a madman

336-EU banks on SADC to put pressure on Zimbabwe

335-Dell walked out on Mumbengegwi

334-Ghana said attack on Tsvangirai was a disaster

332-Getting Bob out first step to change in Zimbabwe

331-Mutambara said opposition was united to drive out Mugabe

330-US presses African governments to act on Zimbabwe

329-Funeral of MDC activist postponed because leaders are in hospital

328-Tsvangirai and MDC supporters freed

327-Tsvangirai refuses to receive treatment unless his supporters are allowed too

326-Police brutally disrupted prayer meeting

325-Police crackdown on opposition rallies

324-Mutambara said Mugabe could be beaten

323-Mutambara said he had presidential ambitions

322-Masiyiwa, Takawira and Goko tried to ease Mugabe out

321-Tsvangirai said Mutambara was just a figurehead

320-Mutambara and Tsvangirai were for reunification but …..

319-Pius Ncube said MDC was not the answer- Tsvangirai was inept

318-Mutambara was prepared to become Tsvangirai’s deputy

317-ZANU-PF a step ahead

316-Female legislators unite

315-Commission said MDC had been infiltrated by CIO

314-MDC Commission blames Stevenson’s attack on government

313-ZCTU leaders relate their ordeal to US ambassador

312-VP Mujuru refused to pay workers minimum wage

311-Tsvangirai leads march on parliament

310-Church leaders join the fray

309-Who done it?

308-MDC attacks MDC

307-Mutare bishop felt Mujuru was key to any political agreement

306-Dell told Mutambara to go for Mugabe and not Tsvangirai

305-Shumba forms political party

304-Tsvangirai said Coltart could not account for party funds

303-Biti said Mnangagwa and Mujuru were courting Tsvangirai

302-Reenergised MDC ready to confront Mugabe

301-Mutambara believed Zimbabwe could be the Singapore of Africa

300-Tsvangirai said there was no room for dictators

299-Madhuku said Mutambara had an internet view of Zimbabwe

298-Judge frees seven arms cache defendants

297-Mutambara said Tsvangirai has become a “little Mugabe”

296-Fees rise from one cow to six per semester

295-Mutambara announces intention to contest MDC presidency

294-Supreme Court throws out Tsvangirai’s case

293-Tsvangirai shocked by Mbeki’s remarks

292-Dell sought ways to camouflage US democracy programme

291-Divorce-MDC Style

290-Tsvangirai said Bennett needs strategic vision

289-Most ZANU-PF leaders see a president when they look in the mirror

288-Bennett said Tsvangirai was the MDC’s only chance

287-Tsvangirai won first round

286-MDC split gets nastier

285-Mujuru offered to take care of Tsvangirai

284-Rift between Tsvangirai and Ncube widens

283-Biti asked: Why should Tsvangirai be held to a higher standard?

282-Mudzingwa said Tsvangirai won’t compromise

281-An apology from Tsvangirai could have prevented MDC split

280-Dell once again glossed over MDC differences

279-Tsvangirai carries the day

278-Tsvangirai showed muscle before MDC split

277-Coltart shaken by Tsvangirai’s decision

276-Dell said Tsvangirai was the heart and soul of the MDC

275-Tsvangirai walked to work

274-Did Renaissance Bank rescue the country in 2005?

273-US view on the ZANU-PF succession battle

272-Tsvangirai said MDC leaders staged arrests to show courage

271-Tsvangirai’s second treason charges withdrawn

270-Tsvangirai was prepared to consider coalition with Mnangagwa

269-US official said Mugabe has consistently outplayed South Africans

268-Mnangagwa linked to third force

267-Jokonya a breath of fresh air after Jonathan Moyo

266-MDC tried to foment disturbances after crackdown on illegal activities

265-Tsvangirai said Mugabe wanted to use Murambatsvina to crush opposition

264-Tsvangirai said Murambatsvina was retribution

263-Dust up at Harvest House

262-Botswana official said Tsvangirai could not lead MDC

261-Tsvangirai told Dell Mugabe would never give up power through an election

260-Makoni said Mugabe respected and liked self-made businesspersons

259-Tsvangirai told Dell that CIO had told him MDC had won over 90 seats

258-Tsvangirai cries fraud

257-ZANU-PF now a minority party

256-Tsvangirai said Mnangagwa was a spent force

255-What is success in Zimbabwe’s elections?

254-How Zimbabwe implemented SADC guidelines on elections in 2005

253-MDC candidates face citizenship queries

252-Dell brushed off rift between Tsvangirai and Ncube

251-Tsvangirai cancelled trip to Washington to avoid being labelled Bush’s boy

250-US funded SW Radio

249-MDC tried to lure expelled ZANU-PF politicians ahead of 2005 elections

248-French thought the British were obsessed with Mugabe

247-MDC in dilemma

246-Ncube disagrees with Tsvangirai on Mugabe

245-MDC thought it could win 85 seats in 2005

244-Chissano told West democracy forced from outside would fail

243-Why initial talks between MDC and ZANUPF broke down

242-MDC on hectic travel

241-Dell trashed Sipepa Nkomo’s enthusiasm on opening media space?

240-About turn after Tsvangirai acquittal

239-ZCTU leader said don’t underestimate Mugabe

238-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF confidence was misplaced

237-Tsvangirai told US ambassador he would be found guilty

236-ZANU-PF in the driver’s seat

235-ZANU-PF and MDC separated by “too much war of words”

234-Tsvangirai’s lawyers also thought he had been convicted

233-Was Tsvangirai found guilty?

232-MDC was preparing for a Tsvangirai conviction

231-Tsvangirai said ZANU-PF borrowed reform from MDC

230-MDC holds meeting in NO-Go area

229-Gono told US ambassador he grew up with Tsvangirai

228-Makoni says ZANU-PF politburo is dysfunctional

227-Fears as government announces intent to nationalise land

226-Nkomo dodged ambassador on key issues

225-Ncube said ZANU-PF had no presidential candidate

224-Madhuku said Tsvangirai and Ncube often differed

223-Sikhala said Tsvangirai plotted to kill him

222-ANC consultants helped revamp MDC

221-The MDC’s five priorities

220-Sikhala not liked by MDC leadership but popular with the people

219-Tsvangirai said Mugabe wanted to retire in dignity

218-ZANU-PF wins Zengeza

217-Tsvangirai called for pressure for reform

216-Mugabe wanted to retire before 2009

215-Mbeki told Tsvangirai Zimbabweans had to find own solution

214-Britain said it could not assist in death penalty case

213-Coltart asks party to boycott elections

212-Tsvangirai admitted Harare councillors had sold out

211-Mnangagwa used state funds to finance succession campaign!

210-US ambassador said ZANU-PF was suspicious of US motives

209-Tsvangirai regarded Mugabe as a hero

208-MDC candidate for Gutu says violence not as bad as reported in the press

207-Land reform adds to Mugabe’s stature

206-MDC supported Tungamirai

205-US embassy says Tsvangirai is too optimistic

204-Mashakada accused of vote buying

203-Mugabe told Mbeki he was not aware of the status of the intra-party talks

202-Tsvangirai’s letter to Colin Powell

201-Where did the money go?

200-Mugabe singles out Jonathan Moyo for praise at conference

199-ZANU-PF succession scorecard

198-Tsvangirai feared joint management for fear of joint failure

197-Nigerian President leaves Zimbabwe empty handed

196-Did Mutasa outsmart Oppah Muchinguri?

195-MDC councillors freshmen unable to comprehend issues

194-Editors fall for Studio 7

193-ZANU-PF becomes anti-democratic after formation of MDC

192-Tsvangirai’s timetable for a new Zimbabwe

191-Why ZANU-PF and MDC were willing to talk as far back as 2003

190-MDC takes over urban councils

189-ZANU-PF strategy is to keep MDC on the defensive

188-US not allowed to help MDC set up office in Washington

187-Mugabe’s potential successor according to Tsvangirai

186-Nkomo arranged bishops’ meeting with Mugabe

185-Gandi Mudzingwa said the MDC does not have anybody beyond Tsvangirai

184-Bishops said they would not allow ZANU-PF to swallow MDC

183-Why Mugabe did not want to talk to Tsvangirai

182-Tsvangirai cheated

181-Ambassador describes Mugabe as the ultimate hardliner

180-Tsvangirai’s lawyers call for his discharge

179-Bush left Tsvangirai in the open

178-MDC asked US embassy to arrange meeting with Bush in South Africa

177-Perrence Shiri denies MDC asked him to help in coup against Mugabe

176-Was MDC split evident two years before it happened?

175-How church leaders tried to open dialogue between ZANU-PF and MDC

174-Mugabe still packs a punch

173-MDC leaders say Joshua Nkomo sold out for a comfortable life

172-Bishops tell MDC that ZANU-PF is willing to talk

171-US embassy said MDC stay-away was a PR failure

170-Mugabe is finished politically

169-Weapons found at MDC activist’s house

168-Daily News asks Tsvangirai: what next?

167-Did West pour billions into MDC protest?

166-War vets call Americans white animals

165-Ambassador says Zimbabweans are notoriously patient

164-If you break the law do it once to seize power!

163-Tsvangirai arrested after organising successful stay-away

162-Tsvangirai arrested ahead of protest

161-Tsvangirai must pay for his sins

160-Ambassador says Zimbabweans are notoriously patient

159-The transition Tsvangirai wanted

158-Mnangagwa speaks on succession

157-Tsvangirai said war veterans were no match for MDC youth

156-Bonyongwe says he did not hear Tsvangirai say he wanted to kill Mugabe

155-MDC bomber confesses

154-Tsvangirai lawyers confident of acquittal

153-MDC was prepared to recognise Mugabe if this could lead to his exit

152-MDC and ZANU-PF remain poles apart

151-Makoni says dismissal of Mudzuri work of Gang of Four

150-Bishops draw up a vision for Zimbabwe

149-US ambassador told Tsvangirai that Mugabe should go

148-Mugabe ready to leave but……

147-POSA-the curse of the MDC MP

146-Food donor surprised Msipa is a politician after all

145-Why Obasanjo and Nigerians supported Mugabe

144-MDC mobilised old women to support Tsvangirai during his trial

143-MDC plans to boycott ZANU-PF owned businesses

142-Pius Ncube says CIO is threatening his elderly mother

141-Did MDC plan bombings or was it a hoax?

140-Ben Menashe says Tsvangirai is nuts

139-US upset by Obasanjo’s letter about Zimbabwe

138-Judge arrested

137-Ben Menashe dodges defence lawyer’s questions

136-Tsvangirai’s lawyer exposes Ben Menashe’s unfulfilled government contracts

135-Witness implicates US in Mugabe assassination plot

134-Herald refuses to apologies for chain of “lies”

133-Government agreed to pay Ben Menashe US$1 million

132-Journalists arrested at Tsvangirai’s trial

131-Too early to celebrate!

130-Mudzuri gaining support at the expense of Tsvangirai

129-SA ambassador says Mugabe told Annan he was ready to step down

128-Chinotimba accuses US embassy officials of being terrorists

127-ANC agreed to a plan for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe

126-Tsvangirai accuses Britain and South Africa of trying to maintain ZANU-PF in power

125-Tsvangirai says Mugabe will not last another six months

124-Tsvangirai complains about Zuma to Mbeki

123-Gandi Mudzingwa says planning for mass action taking most of his time

122-Ncube urged US to expel children of those on its sanctions list

121-Tsvangirai held in suspense for four months

120-Cross says ZANU-PF manipulation of food should be referred to UNSC

119-Rumours fly as MDC spokesman dies in jail

118-Tsvangirai calls on UN to intervene in Zimbabwe to stop civil war

117-USAID-funded poll surprises even the Americans

116-Zvobgo says Tsvangirai case will be dismissed

115-Tsvangirai advised not to attend Heroes Day for security reasons

114-Jonathan Moyo says British government has gone bananas

113-Ban sanction campaigners

112-ZANU-PF wins Kadoma mayoral seat

111-Tsvangirai says Mugabe is determined to take Zimbabwe down with him

110-Government says MDC cannot hire South African lawyer

109-Government running scared despite presidential victory

108-Zimbabwe dollar plummets

107-Tsvangirai says MDC is under pressure from the people

106-MDC plans mass action to force Mugabe out

105-Obasanjo says talks will continue

104-ZANU-PF requests suspension of talks with MDC

103-Joy TV suspends BBC news

102-US accused of coordinating terror campaign in Zimbabwe!

101-Mugabe will have same ignominious exit as Smith

100-MDC files challenge of presidential elections

99-Zimbabwe does not need dirty money

98-Biti had no respect for Mbeki

97-EU bullying tactics going too far

96-Tsvangirai charged with treason

95-Mugabe agreed to GNU as long as Tsvangirai was not in it

94-Daily News says Commonwealth should send clear message to Mugabe

93-Chronicle talks of another plot to oust Mugabe

92-Big divide between privately owned and state media

91-People will regret voting for Mugabe

90-Mugabe should change his vision for Zimbabwe

89-Mugabe wins, Tsvangirai mourns

88-MDC leaders planned to go into exile after presidential poll

87-ZANU-PF campaign of intimidation pays off

86-Why Tsvangirai cannot be trusted to run the country

85-African diplomats felt MDC was not qualified to take over

84-Nigerian security adviser wondered how MDC could govern

83-US embassy says Mugabe is firing a dud

82-US embassy says MDC’s aid request is unrealistic

81-Police and soldiers arrest MDC supporters in run up to presidential elections

80-Tsvangirai told British land reform was least priority

79-Zvobgo planned to ditch Mugabe for Tsvangirai two weeks before elections

78-Mnangagwa says MDC is responsible for violence

77-Obasanjo promised Tsvangirai he would urge Mugabe to step down

76-Military says it will not salute anyone without liberation credentials

75-Army warns journalists

74-Mugabe closer to having his ideal court

73-Tsvangirai charged with possessing walkie-talkie

72-UNDP rep says ZANU-PF is on a suicidal path

71-Pius Ncube says Tsvangirai is too weak to lead Zimbabwe

70-Tsvangirai and Biti described as Uncle Toms

69-Mudede is like a referee who throws away the whistle to join one team

68-Mugabe walks out on EU team

67-Sikhanyiso Nlodvu’s college burnt by MDC supporters

66-Government crack down on MDC after murder of Cain Nkala

65-Poll confusing

64-Tsvangirai confident he would win presidential elections

63-Tsvangirai escapes ZANU-PF attack- Jongwe suspended

62-Tsvangirai needs armoured car

61-Tsvangirai says Mugabe mistrusts everyone

60-ZANU-PF wins key by-election

59-US embassy says Chief Justice Chidyausiku is a ZANU-PF stooge

58-Tsvangirai says three quarters of the armed forces are with us

57-Tsvangirai says violence does not pay

56-Zvobgo says people of Masvingo are disenchanted with Mugabe

55-Tsvangirai case referred to Supreme Court

54-The MDCs big mistake

53-MDC scores major legal victory

52-How Mugabe will hang on to power

51-Mugabe’s presidential succession race down to two runners

50-Only Queen of England can convince Mugabe to change his behaviour

49-Chamisa, Musekiwa, Jongwe and Sikhala are ZANU-PF plants!

48-Security forces not taking chances with MDC in Chitungwiza

47-Tsvangirai was opposed to sanctions- Wikileaks reveals

46-Labour issues pushed to the backburner at ZCTU Congress

45-ZANU-PF vote buying fails

44-Pro-MDC element carries the day at ZCTU congress

43-Tsvangirai charged over careless remark about Mugabe

42-Winning an election is different from winning power- Tsvangirai

41-Mugabe behind offer for GNU

40-Mugabe predicted to win one year before elections

39-ZANU-PF offered MDC 40% of cabinet seats if it entered GNU in 2001

38-US embassy feared Zindoga might cut off ties between ZCTU and MDC

37-Dealing with Mugabe the consummate survivor

36-Bikita poll marred by violence

35-MDC adrift

34-How to get Mugabe out

33-ZANU-PF wins Marondera by-election

32-MDC cancels mass action but keeps government guessing

31-The four scenarios that the MDC faced

30-US ambassador says Tsvangirai and MDC are distracted and unfocussed

29-Did MDC ask US to help remove Mugabe or not?

28-Chindori-Chininga dodges Mugabe succession issue

27-Tsvangirai questioned over “Mugabe should go peacefully” remark

26-US ambassador warns MDC not to speak of violent actions

25-Goche tells US ambassador MDC is a violent party

24-Tsvangirai says it would be risky to make him disappear

23-Packages galore for Mugabe to step down

22-Tsvangirai says Mugabe has pushed the people to the limit

21-Mujuru asked MDC for amnesty in return for coalition government

20-Government trying to throttle of MDC

19-Chamisa and Gandi Mudzingwa quizzed over arms caches

18-Senior police try to keep their juniors in check

17-Tsvangirai says Makoni is a coward

16-US says its public diplomacy has paid off in Zimbabwe

15-US embassy said CIO agent headed ZCTU after Tsvangirai

14-Was the MDC thrown cabinet scraps?

13-Rumour mill gives MDC victory

12-MDC expected to win at least 80 seats in 2000

11-US embassy expected MDC to win 30 seats in 2000

10-Greed is colour blind

9-Mugabe calling all the shots

8-Tsvangirai criticises US for focussing on DRC and not Zimbabwe

7-US embassy says Mugabe is using land as a smokescreen

6-Only a call to Mugabe by US president can stop violence- ambassador

5-Farmers’ leader complaints violence is not being fully reported

4-Three killed as violence escalates

3-MDC official says no amnesty for Chihuri

2-Nkomo says no harm will come to Tsvangirai

1-Military chiefs worried about Tsvangirai victory


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