The Eddison Zvobgo Wikileaks cables


Eddison Zvobgo was one of the most powerful politicians in the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. That was until he began to challenge corruption within the party, and the fact that President Robert Mugabe had overstayed. He was also one of the party’s chief legal draftsmen and is reported to have regretted creating the executive presidency. He had fallen out with Mugabe when he died but remained within the party till his death. Here are the cables on him including a few on his son.

49-Zvobgo says Mugabe no longer trusts Mnangagwa and Mujuru

48-Zvobgo Jnr and Jonathan Moyo differ on future of VP Mujuru

47-Zvobgo says Mugabe’s departure will trigger uncertainty, national relief

46-Zvobgo Jnr says don’t give up on Zimbabwe

45-More trouble for Jonathan Moyo

44-Muzenda wanted Zvinavashe to replace him- Wikileaks

43-Zvobgo advised Mudzuri to challenge Chombo’s suspension

42-Zvobgo said Mujuru, Makoni and Beta wanted Mugabe out

41-Zvobgo was working to force Mugabe out

40-Zvobgo says Tsvangirai case will be dismissed

39-Zvobgo said new cabinet was rotten to the core

38-Mugabe rewards loyalty not competence

37-Msika, Nkomo and Ndlovu wanted Mugabe to go

36-Mayor says government is so broke it is trying to squeeze money from local authorities

35-ZANU-PF campaign of intimidation pays off

34-AIPPA passed

33-Zvobgo planned to ditch Mugabe for Tsvangirai two weeks before elections

32-Zvobgo was convinced Mugabe would lose 2002 elections

31-The US had it cut out for a Tsvangirai or Mugabe victory

30-Mnangagwa tells US ambassador about his disdain for Jonathan Moyo

29-UNDP rep says ZANU-PF is on a suicidal path

28-Mugabe to have an unhappy exit!

27-Zvobgo says Mugabe has too much power

26-Zvobgo said Tsvangirai was shallow and immature

25-How to get Mugabe to step down

24-Makoni asked Zvobgo how he could get out of government

23-US embassy says it has no evidence of Mugabe moving out any assets

22-Zvobgo says people of Masvingo are disenchanted with Mugabe

21-Biti complaints about ZANU-PF’s tactics

20-Rare dissent in ZANU-PF

19-Mugabe’s presidential succession race down to two runners

18-Chamisa, Musekiwa, Jongwe and Sikhala are ZANU-PF plants!

17-Zvobgo says Jonathan Moyo has struck thunder into ZANU-PF MPs

16-Zvobgo supporters boycott sham party elections

15-Dealing with Mugabe the consummate survivor

14-MDC challenges Mugabe presidential decree

13-Makumbe says even an idiot would be better than Mugabe

12-Zvobgo says Mugabe is now a majority of one in ZANU-PF

11-Zvobgo kicked out of politburo to protect Mnangagwa’s rise

10-People of Bikita punished for Zvobgo’s sins

9-A quick view of Mugabe’s potential successors

8-US embassy’s assessment of Eddison Zvobgo in 1988

7-MDC gives ZANU-PF easy victory

6-Zvobgo’s death leaves a void in ZANU-PF

5-Zvobgo’s hospitalisation slows down bills

4-MDC and ZANU-PF were working together in Zvobgo’s Masvingo

3-Repressive laws up for amendment

2-Journalists urged to fight AIPPA to the bitter end

1-Zvobgo said AIPPA was worst law he had come across


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