The Didymus Mutasa Wikileaks dossier


The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa who was recently quoted as saying that those who collaborated with the party’s enemies in secret cables released by Wikileaks should be punished regardless of the positions they hold in the party is himself cited in 84 cables. Here are the cables.


84-Doing business Zimbabwe- style

83-Manicaland angered at Mutasa’s failure to become ZANU-PF chairman

82-US embassy says Mugabe is the glue that holds ZANU-PF together

81-MDC had no plan B

80-Mugabe tells US delegation differences in GPA are little issues

79-Tsvangirai says Gono transferred $100 million into his personal account

78-US ambassador says labour politics in Zimbabwe is dirty – Wikileaks

77-US ambassador says it is in US interest to support MDC

76-Made says white farmers are no longer welcome in Zimbabwe

75-Mugabe, Tsvangirai reward loyalty for cabinet picks

74-Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption

73-Mutasa says SADC Tribunal is daydreaming

72-Two-year-old terrorist?

71-US pushes for military intervention in Zimbabwe

70-Muchinguri, Kangai and Mutasa behind violent campaign of 2008

69-Was Tsvangirai taken for a ride by Mugabe?

68-ZANU-PF planned to rig 2008 election a day after vote- Wikileaks

67-How to make money in an economic crisis

66-Goche says Mutasa and Bonyongwe are obstructionist

65-Mutasa in final push land seizures

64-Mugabe named Mnangagwa his successor in 2007!

63-Mutasa was behind the disastrous 2007 price controls

62-Manhanga says Pius Ncube was set up but adultery allegations are true

61-Mujuru camp sought US help to remove Mugabe

60-US ambassador concedes that Jonathan Moyo is a shrewd analyst

59-Msipa told Dell that Gen Mujuru was no march for Mugabe

58-Masamvu says Gen Mujuru was on war path to get rid of Mugabe

57-Mutasa says Mugabe might become president for life

56-The Zimbabwe we want

55-Mutasa says protests by ZCTU would be a grave mistake

54-Dell cheers divisions in ZANU-PF

53-Mutasa says government will compensate foreign farmers in full

52-Gono says Mutasa has no place after Mugabe

51-Georgias says Mugabe is the key

50-Dell seeks ways to camouflage US democracy programme

49-Mutasa agrees to zero-tolerance of farm disruptions

48-Dell says Mutasa is not a credible reformer

47-Trevor Ncube says CIO hates Mutasa

46-Mutasa says white farmers are “dirt” which needs to be cleansed

45-Makoni says Mugabe is out of touch

44-Murambatsvina showed ZANU-PF was now beyond caring

43-Mutasa said he was responsible for Murambatsvina and had no regrets

42-Makoni urges US to talk to Mutasa to improve relations

41-Mutasa grateful for sanctions

40-Mnangagwa beat Mujuru in 2004 but Mugabe rejected the results- Wikileaks

39-Mutasa’s presidential ambitions quashed

38-Mutasa and Mugabe differ with Mnangagwa and Chinamasa on elections

37-Mutasa not afraid of international press

36-US embassy’s assessment of Mugabe’s new ministers

35-Mutasa scores another victory in Manicaland

34-ZANU-PF succession scorecard

33-Did Mutasa outsmart Oppah Muchinguri?

32-Some “Wikileaks” meetings were even held at ZANU-PF HQ

31-US not happy with conciliatory attitude of ZANU-PF and MDC

30-Mugabe succession elusive

29-Mutasa dodgy ahead of ZANU-PF conference

28-Did the US supply GMO food to Zimbabwe in 2002?

27-Mnangagwa would be more ruthless than Mugabe- Wikileaks

26-Cross, Stevenson wanted Mugabe impeached- Wikileaks

25-Mugabe believes he is the only one who can hold ZANU-PF together

24-Was the MDC thrown cabinet scraps?

23-Some rich journalist!

22-Mutasa says Jonathan Moyo is an asset to ZANU-PF

21-Zimbabwe riskiest investment destination?

20-Mutasa, Chinamasa, Mohadi sued for $19.2 million

19-Prosecutor told US official that Tomana was scared of Jestina Mukoko’s case

18-Amnesty International and its love-hate relationship with Mugabe and Mutasa

17-Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet

16-Unproductive year for parliament

15-Mutasa says SADC Tribunal was day dreaming

14-Unelected councillor is “elected” council chairman

13-Mutambara says we are smarter than the Australians and Americans

12-US recommends that Mutasa be placed on UN sanctions list

11-Tsvangirai galvanises short-lived MDC united front

10-How the US viewed the MDC victory in 2008

9-Simba Makoni or Jonathan Moyo-who was responsible for postponement of nomination date?

8-US embassy not spared during economic collapse

7-Did Mutasa cost Gula-Ndebele his job?

6-US embassy wanted reward Josiah Hungwe for providing useful information- Wikileaks

5-Mutasa says no to US election observers

4-Bennett floors Chinamasa and Mutasa

3-ZANU-PF’s disdain for parliament

2-Mutasa says life is normal in Zimbabwe

1-Life under ZANU-PF has been one long nightmare


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