The Air Zimbabwe Wikileaks cables


Air Zimbabwe was tottering on the brink of collapse for more than a decade before it finally succumbed last year. The national airline is back in business. Will it thrive this time or history will repeat itself? Here are some stories, according to Wikileaks, that tell the story of the national airline before it collapsed. There are 50 cables that we gleaned from Wikileaks. Here they are.

50-Too many high expectations for World Cup

49-No to pat-down searches

48-Mugabe took plane leaving London passengers stranded

47-Warthogs delayed ambassador’s arrival

46-Air Zimbabwe on life support

45-Mugabe on the go

44-More woes for Air Zimbabwe

43-Biti joked it might be a good idea to get rid of Air Zimbabwe

42-Report said government wanted to sell Air Zimbabwe stake

41-Air Zimbabwe sent workers on forced leave

40-Air Zimbabwe was losing $4 million a month

39-Air Zimbabwe struggling

38-Air Zimbabwe at crossroads

37-Air Zimbabwe assets not seizable

36-Air Zimbabwe demanded fares in forex

35-Air Zimbabwe servicing Tehran

34-Air Zimbabwe allowed to charge fares in forex

33-From cheap to exorbitant

32-Air Zimbabwe paid retention bonus

31-Air Zimbabwe forced to abort take off in Blantyre

30-Air Zimbabwe signed contract to fly to Dubai for Congolese airline

29-Air Zimbabwe goes into chicken business

28-Cheaper to fly than travel by bus

27-Worries about Air Zimbabwe safety as Zambian airways suspends flights

26-Air Zimbabwe allowed to hike fares

25-Dell said talent was thin in MDC

24-Controlled looting hit Air Zimbabwe

23-Dutch farmers paid court fees for Zim government to get case heard

22-Gono bailed out Air Zimbabwe out of national pride

21-Did Air Zimbabwe cut corners on spare parts?

20-Desperately seeking

19-Planes for platinum deal!

18-Air Zimbabwe versus Ryanair

17-Air Zimbabwe among Zim parastatals that owed SA’s Transnet

16-Cheap fares fail to attract Chinese tourists

15-Jonathan Moyo failed to attend session because of Air Zimbabwe fiasco

14-Air Zimbabwe employees in migrant smuggling syndicate

13-Why IATA suspended Air Zimbabwe

12-Wetherell arrested over story on Mugabe

11-Passengers told plane has no fuel while already on board

10-US outlines its plans for Zimbabwe after Mugabe

9-Air Zimbabwe was pondering charging in foreign currency

8-Strikes galore

7-Little relief after Air Zimbabwe strike

6-Air Zimbabwe planes were worth US$260 million

5-Government had few assets left to sell

4-Government pondered selling Air Zimbabwe fleet to raise money

3-Air Zimbabwe lost 30 percent of capacity in two years

2-Libyan intelligence officer deported

1-Air Zimbabwe was in trouble more than a decade ago


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