People of Mwenezi are the owners of Zimbabwe-MP


The newly elected Member of Parliament for Mwenezi East Joshua Moyo had the house in stitches when he said the people of his constituency had never voted for the opposition since independence because they were the owners of Zimbabwe.

He said that Mwenezi stood for mwene- owner and zi for Zimbabwe.

“In my constituency, we support our President and since 1980 up to date, there is no Opposition that has managed to penetrate our constituencies because they know that they are the owners of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Moyo was elected unopposed in July to fill the seat left vacant when former Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti was expelled from the party and his seat recalled but only took up his seat in September.


Full contribution:


*HON. JOSHUA MOYO: Thank you Madam Speaker. Firstly, I would like to thank the President of this nation who gave the speech that was also heard by those who speak Karanga in Masvingo. When the people heard that the parliamentary seat was vacant, they sent me. It is also important for this House to know the meaning of Mwenezi. Mwene – (muridzi) owner, zi – Zimbabwe, meaning the owners of Zimbabwe – [Laughter] – The electorate has faith in the leadership that was pointed God himself.

After being given a powerful and resilient leader who gives us courage such that when we come across obstacles, we are encouraged to persevere to Canaan. For that reason, I stand here and applaud the President of the nation on behalf of the people of my constituency in Mwenezi East. I also want to thank the President because 87% of our land was in possession of the white men and only 13% was what was allocated to us the blacks. God then allowed us to reclaim our land and we were able to be resettled.

The President of the nation is going to mourn the death of a lot of people. This is because all those who do not listen are like those 42 sons who failed to listen to the prophet of God. They were eaten by two female hyenas. This means that the hyenas shared 22 each. The President also mentioned about education and when I looked into this, I realised that we have also done well in terms of education.

When we reclaimed our land, there were satellite schools which were built totaling 46; eight secondary schools and 38 primary schools. Since the President encourages education, the challenge is on accessibility because most children cannot attend school during the rainy season and there is need to revisit this issue. Money has to be made available to ensure that these schools are built in time. If three months go by whilst it is raining, no education will take place.

In terms of infrastructure development, the President wants us to have adequate accommodation and to travel on good roads. Going back to Masvingo, we travel along Beitbridge road which is quite dangerous. The President highlighted the need for roads to be resurfaced and be improved. I also want to add that in terms of infrastructure, it will also assist our area in that once dams are built, there will be irrigation schemes. What makes me happy is that we did what God wanted us to do….

An Hon. Member having passed between the Chair and the Hon. Member speaking.

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order Hon. Matambanadzo, you may not cross the line between the Chair and the Hon. Member speaking.

*HON. JOSHUA MOYO: Thank you. In my constituency, we support our President and since 1980 up to date, there is no Opposition that has managed to penetrate our constituencies because they know that they are the owners of Zimbabwe. Furthermore, even though dams are not available, they also applaud what the President said. They grow rapoko and sorghum which are drought resistant. The Government once came up with a programme whereby they had competition for those who produced a lot of maize. So, we want to thank the work that has been done by God.

Lastly, I want to thank the Government for the Tokwe/Mukorsi dam. It is very helpful in our areas in Chingwizi. It will assist our children who go to South Africa looking for jobs. We look forward for the production of ethanol; even the small to medium businesses will also get businesses there. I want to thank and applaud our President that he will continue to bury the young whilst he is still alive through the guidance of the Almighty. –HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –Thank you.


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