No new coronavirus case in Zimbabwe for three days running

No new coronavirus case in Zimbabwe for three days running

Zimbabwe has not recorded any new coronavirus case in the past three days after the last scare when five people -one returning from Botswana, three Malawian illegal immigrants and a Harare resident –tested positive.

The country has now tested 37 474 people. Only 56 were positive and included four who have died, 25 who have recovered and 27 who are still active.

The nation is under a national lockdown which was extended indefinitely but will be reviewed every fortnight starting this Sunday.

While the government has relaxed intra-city travel provided people wear facemasks, inter-city travel is still banned.

Some people have therefore been stranded in towns or areas that they visited just before the lockdown on 30 March, especially if they depend on public transport.

The government has also said universities will open on 1 June but it is not yet clear how students will travel to their campuses unless inter-city public transport is allowed to operate.

This will have to be clarified before 31 May.



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