Mutsvangwa says Jonathan Moyo’s mind is as shallow as the Batoka Gorge


War veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa says Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo, who is said to belong to the G40 faction of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, is as shallow as the Batoka Gorge and sold the government a bankrupt programme known as the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZIMASSSET).

According to Newsday, Mutsvangwa told a press conference yesterday that G40 was intellectually bankrupt with its ministers in cabinet failing to offer anything tangible and trying to hawk war veterans to any opposition political party they thought of.

“The resources of Zimbabwe are as high as Mount Nyangani and the mind of Jonathan Moyo is as shallow as Batoka Gorge, very small,” Mutsvangwa was quoted as saying.

“And now you can understand why there are no jobs, you can understand why everyone is applying for a passport to leave the country. There is a very small mind.”

Batoka Gorge is on the Zambezi River and is the site of a proposed hydroelectric power station project to be jointly implemented by the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A 190-metre wall has to be built for the power project

Mutsvangwa said Moyo was functionally illiterate.

“Worse in business he knows nothing.  He wrote some stupid document called ZimAsset which he sold to the country as the panacea to all the problems. What has it delivered? Grinding poverty which worsens by the day.”

ZIMASSET is the government's economic blueprint under which it planned, amongother things, to create two million jobs.

Mutsvangwa said G40 was also cooking up stories that war veterans were trying to align themselves to opposition political parties including teaming up with mobile phone magnet Strive Masiyiwa.

“Since they expelled us, they have been acting like hawkers, selling us to every opposition party in the country. They are hawking us to every opposition figure in this country and who are they to hawk us? We haven’t declared any allegiance to any of those parties. Who is G40 to speak for us? They are not our spokesman, and we are our spokesman,” he said.

“We want to state that we are not a political party, we have never been a political party and we will not be a political party.

“When we fought we had to teach the whole country to become a united front in order to achieve a common cause. We have pursued united front politics all our life because we want the maximum unity from all Zimbabweans.”


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Charles Rukuni
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