Mugabe says let’s get rid of weevils in ZANU-PF

President Robert Mugabe today said the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front has been infested by weevils so it must get rid of them before they destroy the party.

Speaking at the burial of former Information Minister Nathan Shamuyarira, who later moved to Foreign Affairs, Mugabe said: “Pakati pedu tine zvipfukuto. Ini handizivi chinozvarwa nani ndinongoona kuti ah ah chibage changu chaane zvipfukuto. Ehe ZANU-PF ine zvipfukuto. Let’s get rid of these weevils. Kana chipfukuto chapinda mutsanga manje togara nacho muZANU- PF? Kwete.”

Mugabe seemed to be taking off from where he left yesterday when he attacked current Information Minister Jonathan Moyo for using the media to divide the party, calling him a “devil incarnate”.

At today, ceremony Mugabe said: “I talked yesterday about his (Shamuyarira) own direction which was people oriented. It is not your own little ideas about how you can beat so and so… kunzvengesa musangano sebhora. Izvo ndezve bhora. Why don’t you go either kuDynamos or Highlanders?

“We are telling the people we must be one. We must be united in agriculture, in mining. We must organise our people to take advantage of these resources. Your publicity must go in that direction. Let the people know what they must do for themselves. Encourage the people to be organised. Don’t plant seeds to divide the people. Don’t make anyone in the party a political enemy. You may differ with the person and you attack him the paper, that’s no ideology, it is a destructive ideology. Progress has to be made. We are fighting the British, outsiders”

In what appeared to be a reference to Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe said: “Education did not make Nathan an Egoist. An egoist is one who says what I think and only what I think is right…so you must always think as I think. If you are educated that way, I say damn you. You are not educated. You are ignorant. Education must make you humble. Education must make you feel uneducated always. It is a damned fool who says I know all that needs to be known.”



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