Mugabe says $467 000 is too little, pensioners get only $80 a month

Mugabe says $467 000 is too little, pensioners get only $80 a month

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says he is due $467 000 in pension, not $10m, as reported.

Speaking ahead of the elections in which he won’t be a presidential candidate for the first time since he won the mandate to lead the southern African country in 1980, Mugabe said he had made inquiries after his resignation.

He resigned after a military intervention in November 2017.

“After I resigned I went to the pension office to inquire what I was entitled to. Financially the total amount I got was US$467 000, not the US$10 million being talked about,” Mugabe said.

His wife, Grace Mugabe, added that the money was not in US$.

Zimbabwe currently uses a multi-currency system, including a local surrogacy currency, the bond notes currently trading at 45% to the greenback on the black market, despite authorities insisting it is on par with the US$.

Mugabe, who also said he would not be voting for people who tormented him, said he also got two houses as part of his package.

“We got two houses, one here, one elsewhere at a resort. Those in power refused to give me money for two houses.”

The former strongman claimed he built his famous house commonly known as the Blue Roof from his wages “slowly”.

“We managed to pay off the house in instalments.”

The Blue Roof is known in Zimbabwe as one of the most expensive houses, with most of the material having been imported.

Mugabe said the house was modelled on those found in China, because of the relations the Asian country has with Zimbabwe.

However, he said the roof of the house was beginning to sag, and he needs money to move out before a calamity occurs.

Zimbabweans, meanwhile, took to social media platforms, including Twitter, to say Mugabe was complaining about getting $467 000, and yet other pensioners got a pittance after he destroyed the economy with his policies.

Most pensioners in Zimbabwe are currently getting $80 per month as pension from the government-run National Social Security Authority.- Fin24



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