Mugabe beats Obama, hands down


I thought of deleting this very amateurish video from a Youtube account I created four years ago on several occasions but just felt I should hold on because it would prove something one day.

It has.

I wanted to create a smart video, without those headphones which had a microphone, but did not have a smartphone. I could not afford one then because those available were too expensive.

All I wanted was to prove that Obama would leave office before Mugabe. I needed a public platform for this.

I wrote my first story questioning whether Obama would outlast Mugabe when he was sworn in for his first term in 2009.

I had been holding on to that story for six years because initially I had been told of the prophesy that Mugabe would outlast his enemies way back in 2003.

This was something that vexed me for six years because my journalistic instincts questioned this prophesy. But I could not ignore it because it came from my very own church. More importantly, I wanted it on record so that no one would accuse me of fabricating this if it proved right as it has done.

Mugabe’s principal enemies when the prophesy was made were United States President George Bush, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I watched them go, one by one. George Bush went and so now has Obama. Both served two terms.

Mugabe has now served with seven United States presidents- Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush senior, Bill Clinton, George Bush Junior, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump.

Tony Blair came and went, and so did George Brown, David Cameron after him and Mugabe is now serving with Theresa May. Mugabe has served with six British Prime Ministers.

Mugabe has served with seven Australian Prime Ministers. John Howard went and so did Kevin Rudd (who served twice) after him, then Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, and now Malcolm Turnbull.

Mugabe trudges on and no one knows when he will leave office. His party has already endorsed him as its presidential candidate for next year’s elections. Though there are a lot of grumblings that he is now too old, no one dares say this to his face.

I have kept this record of how Mugabe survived his key enemies and how this tested my beliefs and conflicted with my work ethics. But sometimes, the truth has to be told, whether you believe it nor not.

Here is the story on how Mugabe has survived this long and how this has tested my religious beliefs.


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Charles Rukuni
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