Mnangagwa told to stop taking people for granted


Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been urged to stop taking people for granted and must end corruption in the country as well as he exodus of skilled and professional citizens.

The call was made by Eddie Cross on his personal blog where he said Zimbabweans had been patient enough but this should not be taken for granted.

Corruption is said to be stifling investment in the country and although the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested several people, no notable one has been jailed leading to accusations that this is just a charade and is now termed “catch-and-release”.

Although a quarter of the country’s adult population is also reported to have left the country to look for better opportunities and less than a fifth are expected to return to the country even if the economy improves.

Cross was, however, optimistic.

“We are lucky to be settled by the people who live here in Zimbabwe. 85 per cent speak Shona and that in itself is a great advantage, so often in Africa our ethnic divisions are a source of instability and conflict,” he said.

“The Zimbabwean population is also innovative and hard working – ask anyone living in the region and they will endorse these as being national characteristics.

“When we approached Independence in 1977 we voted for a transitional government and 83 per cent of our population voted for one Party.

“After Independence in 1980, 81 per cent voted for one Party.

“When the Military assisted the transfer of power from the Mugabe era in 2017, it was accompanied by an outpouring of national support and consensus that persuaded the world that the new Government had national support.

“But Mr President, you must not take this cohesion and support lightly or for granted. It is conditional and we have been patient in 2018 and 2019 as you have sought to put us onto a new road.

“We expect you to manage the five pillars so that corruption in our affairs is dealt with, our people stop fleeing to other countries to survive and we can all work together to make Zimbabwe the great little country it can be.”

Mnangagwa is currently on his annual leave.

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Charles Rukuni
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