Mliswa says allegations that Chamisa may have been bought by ZANU-PF now plausible


Independent legislator Temba Mliswa has blasted Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa saying allegations that he may have been paid by ZANU-PF to throw away the elections are now plausible because of the numerous blunders that he has made as the country heads for elections in 25 days.

Twelve CCC candidates for Bulawayo were disqualified after the High Court nullified their nomination papers for late submission giving ZANU-PF a walk-over if the ruling is sustained. CCC has appealed the ruling.

“When people allege that Chamisa may been paid by ZANU-PF these are the kind of things that make one start to have an inkling of belief in that. How do you make such a monumental blunder from such a simple exercise? How is it justified now they still have double candidates?” Mliswa tweeted.

“The nomination exercise was open for days, why wait for the last minute and even then fail to do things in time? Now you deflect the blame to the Judiciary and everyone else save for yourselves. You can’t keep conjuring enemies from shadows when you are to blame.

“Now even before elections the party has lost 53 Council seats, 12 House of Assembly seats plus Proportional Rep seats. The total is actually 25 seats lost before elections! How do you exonerate yourselves and place the blame elsewhere for such?

“The opposition, through these blunderous actions, has become complicit in undermining democracy as people in Bulawayo and others elsewhere will not be represented by leaders of their choice.

“@CCCZimbabwe should know that the ruling party is always after it. Thus you shouldn’t give it the slightest chance to get at you. Some of us are daily provoked into fighting it but we devise other ways to respond and avoid offering them the kind of response which they want.

“You have to be street-smart in our politics to operate and survive. Otherwise you become easy fodder. How do you put yourself at the mercy of the same system which you allege is captured? Work to avoid such a scenario in the first place.”

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