MDC-T complains that Mugabe is frog matching people to his rallies


Full statement:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

ZEC must stamp its authority


In the past few weeks, Zimbabweans have noticed their fellow citizens being frog – marched and commandeered to attend so – called Zanu PF youth rallies in Marondera and Mutare. We have observed how innocent school children are being bussed to fill up stadiums in order to massage the personal ego of Robert Mugabe. Thousands of people are being forced by Zanu PF thugs to attend these so – called youth rallies that are being addressed by Mugabe. Businesses are forcibly closed and vendors' markets are shut down as struggling and poor Zimbabweans are commandeered to attend these rallies against their consent.

The MDC would like to call upon the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to immediately take action to ensure that people are not forced and commandeered to attend these Zanu PF political rallies. This state of affairs doesn't bode well for the holding of free and fair elections in 2018. The people of Zimbabwe are still being intimidated and threatened with death and/or some other such grievous consequences if they refuse to attend these Zanu PF rallies that are being addressed by Mugabe countrywide. There is a pervading atmosphere of fear that is still being felt throughout the country as the toiling masses of Zimbabwe are being driven like lambs to the slaughter, to attend Zanu PF rallies.

As we approach the 2018 elections, ZEC should exercise its constitutional authority to ensure that no political party, including the ruling Zanu PF party, is allowed to force and commandeer people to attend its rallies and other meetings. How can a free and fair election be held in an atmosphere of extreme fear and intimidation? We also call upon SADC and the AU to take note of the continuing and unchecked behaviour of the Zanu PF regime that ashamedly forces and commandeers innocent and defenceless Zimbabweans to attend its political rallies.

This rabid and terrorist regime is harvesting from fear and of course, this is a grim indicator of the fact that this regime is reluctant to reform itself in order to allow for the holding of a credible plebiscite next year.

Zimbabwe remains in a deepening and debilitating political and socio – economic crisis and as such, both the regional and international communities cannot fold their arms and watch as the situation in Zimbabwe spirals out of control ahead of make or break elections in 2018.

The MDC remains confident, however, that it will easily roam to victory in next year's elections and form the next government if the climate of fear presently obtaining in Zimbabwe is rectified as a matter of urgency. We urge Zimbabweans to remain resolute and determined to vote the evil and rapacious Zanu PF regime out of power in next year's elections.

MDC: Equal Opportunities For All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson


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