MDC says the ZANU-PF manifesto is a suicidal note


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change has described President Robert Mugabe’s party manifesto as “the longest suicidal note”.

In a release circulated to subscribers, the party said “The ZANU-PF manifesto deserves a shot on the Guinness Book of records as the longest suicidal note.

“The recently launched ZANU-PF manifesto is a regurgitation of the same old tired and expired policies that have for the past 33 years failed to extricate the people of Zimbabwe from a vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation.

“Perhaps this explains the poor turnout that characterised the launch of this stale document.”

The ZANU-PF manifesto is 108 pages long while that of the MDC is one third that, 36 pages.

Below are the latest releases on how the MDC is doing in its own words:


Zanu PF policies the bane of Zimbabwe

The Zanu PF manifesto deserves a shot on the Guinness Book of records as the longest suicidal note.

The recently launched Zanu PF manifesto is a regurgitation of the same old tired and expired policies that have for the past 33 years failed to extricate the people of Zimbabwe from a vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation.

Perhaps this explains the poor turnout that characterised the launch of this stale document.

The Zanu PF manifesto is predicated on the indigenization drive. It is as clear as day that this self-enriching program has long been discredited primarily on the basis that it fails to deal with the most urgent need of society that is the creation of jobs.

The indigenisation programme we all have come to see before our eyes is a narrow self-aggrandizement programme where a few connected sycophants have benefited at the expense of the poor and excluded majority.

We have come to witness the opaqueness and shoddy nature of how companies connected to Zanu PF ministers were paid 45 million dollars to produce two pages of total gibberish.

We have also come to know that the same cellphone farmers who benefited from the land reform programme are the ones at the centre of clandestine deals to fleece shares from companies.

We have also come to know that this celebrated indigenisation programme which seeks to distribute a tiny cake instead of growing the same is unsustainable and inimical to attracting investment both locally and international.

Another major flaw of this poorly written document is its failure to admit that Zanu PF and Zanu PF alone has been at the epicenter of state failure and collapse. This failure epitomised by ill-conceived policies is repeated in this document.

The pamphlets, which support this document, do not help it either. One of them states “the Zanu PF government will create 2,265 jobs in the next five years.” Surely this is madness at its best. With a country reeling from unemployment standing at over 80 percent and trying to solve the same by creating a paltry 2,265 jobs is insulting to say the least.

The question that is in every voters mind is “what does Zanu PF want to achieve in the next five years when they have demonstrated incomparable failure for the past 33 years?”

The history of Zanu PF and its unbridled failure manifested in empty shops, no fuel, long queues for everything and anything is a clear indication of a party at its end of thinking capacity.

It is no secret that Zimbabweans are now determined that come July 31, they will vote for change in their millions.

The MDC represents a new page of hope and departure from the dark past. July 31 is the judgment day!


Job creation is MDC’s top priority – President Tsvangirai

Kariba – Job creation is on the top agenda of the MDC’s policies and the issue will be given first priority when the MDC forms the next government after winning the 31 July elections, President Tsvangirai said today.

He said this while addressing thousands of party supporters at a presidential victory rally in Kariba. The rally was well attended despite desperate attempts by the police and the Zanu PF militia to block the people from attending and hear President Tsvangirai’s speech as the MDC prepares to form the next government.

President Tsvangirai said in its job policy, the MDC will create one million jobs in the next five years and the party will make sure that there is the resuscitation of the industries through the attraction of foreign direct investment.

“The next MDC government will revive the agriculture sector which was destroyed by the Zanu PF government, revive the mining sector and bring accountability in the selling of the countries minerals,” said President Tsvangirai.

Other sectors that the MDC urgently want to revive are the dilapidated infrastructure and need to restore and enhance the lives of the people.

“In the process of rebuilding the country, we will be the creation of more jobs,” said President Tsvangirai.

“Our policy on social sector, the government should care for the elderly, orphans and widows. To do this the MDC will create a fund that caters for the vulnerable groups while we will create free treatment centres for those suffering from terminal illness such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.

President Tsvangirai to time to remind the party supports that the coming election was a watershed election which is going to define Zimbabwe’s future.

“It is not only a transitional election but a generational election and the MDC as the people’s choice will win it basing on how well the party has performed in the inclusive government.

He urged the people to vote wisely reminding of the recent past of despair and pain caused by Zanu PF’s mismanagement of the economy.

“The elections will be between the past and the future and it is a choice between the old and the young. Modern politics is not about hate speech or hailing insults at each other, it is about articulating issues that benefit the people.

“Robert Mugabe has nothing to offer but hate language and violence to the people, it is about articulating issues that benefit the people. In the 33 years that Zanu PF has been in power it has been pursuing disruptive policies such as indigenisation and the chaotic land reform.

“While Zanu PF is talking about the return of the Zimbabwe dollar, the people of Zimbabwe know that it is untenable at the moment. However, the MDC has a plan to return Zimbabwe to a better future for the people. We want to restore good governance and the rule of law.

“We will create a government that cares for the people. A government for the people!” said President Tsvangirai.

In his address, the MDC Secretary General, Hon. Tendai Biti said the 13 July election will put an end to 33 years of Zanu PF’s misrule, corruption and lack vision.

“Governance means a leadership that has love for the people. The MDC’s love for the people can be seen by its record in the inclusive government. The very reason while the MDC formed the inclusive government was to serve the lives of the people from the total destruction of Zanu PF. People should not forget the suffering they went through in 2008,” he said.

He encouraged the people to wake up early on 31 July so that they are able to cast their votes in time.

After the Kariba rally, President Tsvangirai moved to Magunje in Karoi where he addressed thousands of other party supporters in the afternoon.


The MDC’s plan for the security sector

The MDC’s Manifesto, which was launched by President Morgan Tsvangirai at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on 7 July 2013 under the theme; “A New Zimbabwe-The Time is now,” lays a firm foundation for Zimbabwe’s recovery and growth.

The MDC identifies the establishment of a functional security sector that cherishes and defends the country’s freedom as being key to stability and sustainable growth.

As the security forces turn out to vote under the Special Voting process in line with their rights and responsibilities, we urge them to vote for a government that has plan to make sure they effectively deliver their mandate.

An MDC government has a comprehensive plan to build a modern, well-equipped and well-funded security sector that takes pride in working to advance the interests of Zimbabwean citizens.

The past 33 years of Zanu PF rule have seen the security sector being neglected and as a result the dignity of the men and women who work tirelessly to make sure that we go to sleep safe and secure has been destroyed. It is a shame that 33 years after independence our police officers have to walk long distances to apprehend criminals.

It is unacceptable that despite Zanu PF’s liberation war rhetoric our soldiers have to struggle with ageing equipment and meager food rations. It is degrading and humiliating for our police officers and prison officials to beg for rides on public transport.

Under an MDC government the accommodation of our esteemed security services in wooden shacks will be a thing of the past. As soon as we become the next government we will put in place concrete measures to restore the dignity of our security services.

An MDC government will ensure that the salaries and working conditions of our security services are bench-marked against the best in the region and in the world. We will allocate adequate resources to ensure that our military has modern equipment and adequate food rations.

We will ensure that our police officers and prison officers have adequate vehicles and other necessary materials to enable them to carry out their duties in a dignified manner. We will also provide decent housing for our security services in line with our constitutional pledge to have shelter as a basic right of Zimbabwean citizens.

The MDC is committed to constitutionalism, peace, justice and the rule of law. We are aware that the police services play an important role in the delivery of justice and we will therefore ensure that all police stations in the country are equipped with functional computers with Internet connection.

Police records including dockets will be filed electronically to avoid loss while modern technology like DNA testing will be introduced to support the speedy resolution of crime investigations.

The MDC has a credible plan to get Zimbabwe working again. With a modern, functional and dignified security sector, Zimbabwe will proudly take its place as a prosperous nation whose citizens have dignity and comfort.

As police officers, soldiers and prisons officers, you owe it to your children and generations to come to play your part in making Zimbabwe work again. On July 14 and 15, vote for the MDC to bring change.

For the first time, security establishment will vote outside army barracks in a process to be monitored by all political parties.

Used ballot papers will be monitored by designated polling agents from the 14 July 2013 untill they are officially opened for distribution to the respective polling stations and wards. The tallying of votes cast will be done by ZEC through the participation of all parties to ensure that there is no staffing ballot papers during and after Special Voting.



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