MDC says Mnangagwa’s trip to the UN was a shameless trip of lies

MDC says Mnangagwa’s trip to the UN was a shameless trip of lies

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent trip to the United Nations as a waste of taxpayers’ money during which Mnangagwa lied about issues which are on the fingertips of the very people he was trying to impress.

Mnangagwa left for the United States last week and had interviews with Bloomberg television and CNN. He also met several heads of state and government as well as potential investors from the United States and Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

“In New York Mnangagwa lied with a straight face that GDP per capita in Zimbabwe rose to $1500 in the first 7 months of his reign of shame,” the MDC said.

“Zimbabwe’s per capital income is $890 according to the United Nations’ country statistics. The African Development Bank places it at $840 while the World Bank using the Atlas method places per capita income at $840.”

The party said Mnangagwa also lied that he created the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

“That the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is a creation of his, is an insult not only to his audience but to the democratic contingent, victims of political violence and their families,” the MDC said.

“Mnangagwa claims to have created the commission when in fact it’s a constitutional creation. He further claims that he appointed the Commissioners when these were appointed in Mugabe’s time.

“It exposes Mnangagwa as a liar but also shows that appointment of commissions are no indicator of real reform.

“He further created an impression that the commission had been mandated specifically to deal with the issue of Gukurahundi.”

Mnangagwa’s supporters have hailed the trip as a major success and applauded him for going to his office to work just hours after returning home today.

The MDC and most of its supporters believe that Mnangagwa will not be able to turn things around in the country because he “stole” the elections.

They also believe that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has the keys to the economy.

While at the UN Mnangagwa announced that he is planning to formally recognise the opposition leader, a move that seems to have put Chamisa in a fix as his supporters want nothing to do with Mnangagwa while the world expects Chamisa to put the elections behind and work for the development of the country.

Chamisa insists he won the elections so Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader.

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