Mataz philosophy


To most people Tich Mataz may just be a popular radio and TV presenter. But he is also a serious businessman now. He is investing US$2 million into Khulumani Communications (about $76 million) with two partners he declines to disclose.

But what is interesting about Mataz is what he dislikes about most Zimbabweans– pettiness. And what does he mean by that: “The easiest way to describe it is through a simple story.

“There were three people engaged in a conversation. One asked, what if there was an earthquake? The other asked what if there was a flood. The two started arguing one saying if there is a flood, I should leave first and the other insisted he should be the first to leave. The third just sat listening and let the two argue.

“Then the real earthquake came. The two who were arguing did not realise this. The third did and slipped out. The two who were arguing perished. This is an example of how some people miss opportunities and how some do not rise to the occasion when required.

“Some cannot exploit opportunities to effect change in Zimbabwe. Izvozvi muZimbabwe, chinhu chinonyanya kundirwadza ndechokuti izvo ukanotenga shirt new one, kune kuti nditi ko nhai blazo ko muri kushanda sei mazuva ano, ndoda kuziva kuti yabva kupi, mari yacho waiwana kupi, ndotomhanya kumapurisa kundoti unenge uri kuba.

“We have become our own worst enemies. We must do something constructive, instead of just whining all the time.”






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Charles Rukuni
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