Maridadi says Mphoko told Mugabe in cabinet: imbavha dzese idzi- and Mugabe just chuckled


Mabvuku-Tafara Member of Parliament James Maridadi yesterday said President Robert Mugabe should be asked to attend Parliament so that they can tell him about how rampant corruption is now in the country because if he did, he would fire half his cabinet.

“We would respectfully want His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe, Cde. R.G. Mugabe to come and meet with us Members of Parliament, without the Executive and I will tell you Mr. Speaker, we are going to be very respectful,” he said.

“If we do not respect him as a person, we respect his office. He is going to come to this House and we will tell him like it is. After we have spoken to His Excellency the President, I am telling you half the Cabinet Ministers will be without jobs.

“Vice President Mphoko, I think they were in Cabinet and the President and Ministers were there in attendance. Somebody spoke about kubiwa kwemari Hon. Mphoko said in response imbavha dzese idzi referring to the Ministers.  The President did not disagree. I am told he just smiled and chuckled.”

Maridadi said the extent of the corruption in Zimbabwe was demonstrated by the fact that when he visited a Chinese company that he was investigation for fleecing the country of its revenue, he found a cabinet minister sitting with the company owner whom he said was named Michelle.

“When I went to buy these blankets on 23rd January, the owner of this company is a Chinese lady called Michelle. I saw a Minister of Government sitting in Michelle’s office. Michelle knows about me because I approached and said, Michelle I know what you are doing and how you are prejudicing Government and that Minister is helping you in that criminal endeavour.

“That Minister is helping you to evade paying Hon. Chinamasa but let me tell you, when it comes to the crunch that Minister will not be able to help you. There was a Minister who was seated in that office and Hon. Chinamasa, when you go for Cabinet, tell them that is what I said. You will see the Minister will start melting on his or her own.”

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Charles Rukuni
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