Maridadi says a Chinese company is making a killing in Zimbabwe -importing dishes for only two cents and selling them for $6


Mabvuku-Tafara legislator James Maridadi says there is no way Zimbabwe can curb corruption and revamp the economy as long as some businesses are being protected by senior people in government.

He cited the example of a Chinese company, Yufan Import and Export Trade Company, which he said was importing dishes into the country and paying duty of only two cents or four cents but was selling the dishes for $6 and $13, respectively.

“It does not have a bank account. I wonder how they are then able to pay for these things in China if they do not go through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe because they must essentially go through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“They must submit an application to the RBZ and say we need so much to be able to import these items into the country but I do not know how they do it because they do not go through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

Maridadi who displayed the dishes in Parliament said: “When I went to buy these items, they have three different sets of tariffs.

“They do not allow to swipe.

“If you are buying using bond notes, this dish here costs $16.

“If you are using US dollars you pay about $12.

“They will tell you that if you are buying more than one, they do not want bond notes, they want US dollars and I have documentary evidence to that.

“Madam Speaker, if you look at the extent of prejudice – I was calculating here – a 40 foot container paid ZIMRA $4 000 when in actual fact it should have paid $49 970.

“I am talking of one container.

“This item that I have here which is called a Bill of Entry talks about twenty 40 foot containers that have come into Zimbabwe and they have only paid about $80 (000) when in actual fact if you calculate $49 000 by 20, it is about a million.

“With this kind of attitude, we are not able to go anywhere……..”

“This Chinese company would not able to do this if they are not protected by senior people in government,” he said.

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Charles Rukuni
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