Maridadi receives deaths threats


Mabvuku-Tafara legislator James Maridadi said yesterday he has been receiving deaths threats and on Monday a live bullet was placed at the doorstep of his home.

He told Parliament that he had brought this to the attention of the House and had been told to report to the police, which he had done.

Maridadi he kept receiving calls on Tuesday on his cellphone, wife’s and his landline and was one of the callers was from outside the country. He had passed on the number to the police.

The caller from outside the country had complained about his debates in Parliament.

Last week Maridadi said President Robert Mugabe had been misled to believe that Zimbabwe could generate 5 000 megawatts of power by 2020 because it takes at least seven years to get power after the initial capital injection.

Maridadi was at one time the corporate affairs manager of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority and was also Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesman during the inclusive government.

He also questioned Mugabe’s dismissal of ministers saying it was unprocedural because some learnt about their dismissal from newspapers.






MR. MARIDADI: I rise to raise a Motion without Notice in terms of Order No 68 of the Constitution read together with paragraph (d), read together with Order No 69 of our Standing Rules and Orders. I raise this in conjuction with Section 52 of the Supreme Law of the Land, which is a right to personal security and it says “Every person has the right to bodily and psychological integrity.” I also go to Section 148 of our Constitution which talks about Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and I wish to quote that “The President of the Senate, the Speaker and Members of Parliament have freedom of speech in Parliament and in all Parliamentary Committees and while they must obey the rules and orders of the House concerned, they are not liable to civil or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment or damages for anything said in/produced before or submitted to Parliament or any of its Committees”.

The reason why I raise this motion is that on Monday morning, I received a live bullet which was placed on my doorstep at my place of residence. I brought this to the attention of Parliament and was told to make a report to the Police. [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections]

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, order hon. members, can the member be heard in silence.

MR. MARIDADI: The matter has been reported to Central Police Station who are now carrying out investigations. Of concern to me and my family Madam Speaker, is that the whole of yesterday, I kept receiving phone calls. One of the phone calls was from a number which is from outside the country. That person was raising an issue with my debates in Parliament and that number has also been submitted to the police. They keep phoning me on either my cellphone, my wife’s cellphone or my landline and I think Madam Speaker that this is an issue of grave concern and for that reason, I bring it to the attention of the House. Thank you.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER: We will look into that matter Hon. Maridadi.


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