Maridadi asks Mphoko, do you eat or sleep at night when you hear so much corruption in government?


Mabvuku-Tafara legislator James Maridadi last week asked Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko what goes on in his head when he hears about rampant corruption in the government as reflected in the Public Accounts Committee report on the Ministry of Transport which revealed that funds were being splashed all over with the permanent secretary Munesu Munodawafa acting with impunity.

“What goes on in your head when you hear a report like the one that has been presented in this Parliament?  Do you go home, eat supper and sleep?” he asked.

Mphoko responded that he was allergic to corruption.

“Personally, I am very allergic to corruption, I do not like it.  I am not a corrupt man,” the Vice-President said.

Maridadi said it was heart-rending that a government ministry could not account for $97 million yet the permanent secretary responsible was still reporting for work in a government vehicle every day.

“My blood boils when I go back to the constituency.  The house that I live in, tonight we do not know where our meal is going to come from, our supper,” he said. 

“I do not know where my supper is going to come from tonight.  In the house next door, they also do not know where their supper is going to come from and we have a report which says $97 million cannot be accounted for. 

“Madam Speaker, $97 million is about 1.2 billion rands. 

“If you take $97 million and put it in Mutare Municipality, even stray cats in Mutare will change their lifestyles because they will realise money has been put into this town. 

“That money cannot be accounted for and there is a gentleman who is driving a government vehicle, going to his house, enjoying a salary and nothing has happened to him. 

“He has been re-assigned to another Ministry where he is going to continue pilferage to the coffers of this country.  It cannot be accepted.”

Munodawafa was transferred from the Ministry of Transport to that of Mines last month instead if being fired.

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