Jonathan Moyo told to get a life- “you can’t tweet as a career”


Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo, who fled the country after the military intervention of November last year, has been told to get a life, or even a manual job, because he cannot tweet as a career.

Moyo was one of the kingpins of the G40 faction of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front which strongly opposed then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa preferring to prop President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, instead.

He has campaigned vigorously against Mnangagwa first by helping form the National Patriotic Front to challenge Mnangagwa and then ditching its leader Ambrose Mutinhiri to back Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

He launched a #KwekweHimJuly30 campaign to urge people to vote against Mnangagwa so that he could be defeated like he was by Blessing Chebundo of the MDC in Kwekwe.

But this was all to no avail as Mnangagwa won by a 50.8 percent vote against Chamisa’s 44.3 percent.

Moyo is now backing Chamisa to challenge the results claiming that they were rigged.

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network says Chamisa was beaten by Mnangagwa fairly and squarely. The only question might be whether Mnangagwa scored the necessary 50 percent plus one vote or not to warrant a runoff.

Eddie Cross, a former policy coordinator of the MDC, said Mnangagwa beat Chamisa and it was futile to take the case to court.

In one of his tweets on Friday, Moyo said: “If the manifestly fraudulent  presidential election result released by ZEC shows that half of the country’s electorate said no to Mnangagwa, just imagine what the ‘no to Mnangagwa’ margin is in the brazenly stolen authentic whose theft was enabled by Chiwenga’s murderous Army!

“Mnangagwa’s decimal-point electoral theft is in jeopardy. It’s a .8 data mess, effected by either incompetent data thieves in the military or data heroes in the system who sought to protect the will of the people. There’s no chance in hell for the mess to withstand any scrutiny!”

One of his followers @mukurazita, responded: “Hausisiri relevant iwe nyarara”.

But @SameHove, defended Moyo saying: “The stubborn fact is Jonso is now not only very relevant but he is a useful asset in the fight for a democratic Zimbabwe.”

@mukurazita answered back: “I dont agree his theories only worked to anchor Robert Mugabe’s grip of tyranny. when it comes to democracy he is never accurate.”

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Charles Rukuni
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