Jonathan Moyo outed as Baba Jukwa!


Zimbabwe Defence Forces chief Constantine Chiwenga may have outed Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo as Baba Jukwa, the Facebook character that went viral in the run-up to the 2013 elections as a ZANU-PF insider out to expose the rot within the party.

Chiwenga, who was incensed by Jonathan Moyo’s repeated criticism of the government’s Command Agriculture programme which he has described as “Command Ugly-Culture”, blasted the former Information Minister for “vomiting nonsense”.

He told the State-controlled Herald: “This guy who is vomiting that nonsense, didn’t he get support from Command Agriculture? He has some other forces behind him. Hasn’t he written in his books that he is going to destroy from within?

“We read. We are all educated. We read. He has said that. Everyone must see. He rebelled before. Not once. He rebelled when we were in the struggle, he ran away. When he was here he did all his nonsense, his column in the Financial Gazette.

“And in his book, when he was teaching, in his commentary on why he went to America — we know. When he left and went independent, was he repentant? And we know now that the tweeting is coming from Baba Jukwa and company; we know that.

“But I think he has got to where we wanted him to. Let me leave it at that.”

Baba Jukwa became a sensation in the social media spewing stories about goings-on in the Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front which seemed to be discrediting the party.

The Insider, however, argued, way before the elections, that Baba Jukwa was indeed a ZANU-PF insider but was actually campaigning for the party and not discrediting it.

The Insider has also said there are strange similarities between Jonathan Moyo’s twitter operation and how Baba Jukwa operated.

Information secretary George Charamba  has jusr revealed that Jonathan Moyo was the man behind the Herald Saturday column, Manheru, which he said he had inherited.

Jonathan’s middle name is Nathaniel. This is Manheru’s first name.

The Baba Jukwa Facebook page was discontinued shortly after the 2013 elections but its demise was full of intrigue with several people, including Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, being accused of being the authors of the page.

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Charles Rukuni
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