It’s not about Chamisa but Zimbabwe’s minerals – Mnangagwa spokesman

It’s not about Chamisa but Zimbabwe’s minerals – Mnangagwa spokesman

Anglo-American, one of Southern Africa’s biggest corporations, is interested in Zimbabwe’s vast mineral wealth and not in Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba said today.

Writing in his weekly column under Jamwanda, Charamba said, the Nick Oppenheimer-owned company was using Chamisa as a Trojan horse with the real horse being one of his deputies, Tendai Biti.

Charamba’s comments follow the publication of a survey by the Brenthurst Foundation carried out by Sabi Strategy Group which showed that Chamisa is going to win the coming elections with 53% of the vote beating Mnangagwa who it says will get 40%.

“The Oppenheimers and their Brenthurst Foundation are at it again? Having sponsored regime change in Zambia and Lesotho, they think they can do the same here in Zimbabwe, and later in South Africa?” Charamba wrote.

“Of course they failed to topple the MPLA in Angola, even though they shook it considerably. Working in cahoots with the Americans and the British, they have now begun to up the ante against Zimbabwe and the ruling ZANU-PF, ahead of the crucial 2023 Harmonised Elections.

“They are backing Chamisa, technically backing him as the evanescent face of opposition in Zimbabwe. In reality, they seek to use him as a Trojan Horse for now, with their real horse being Tendai Biti, himself deeply enmeshed with the Americans, the British, and both’s pseudo-corporatised arm, Nick Oppenheimer’s Brenthurst Foundation.

“Of course all three have started their propaganda war against Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF through a phoney offshore, British-based opinion pollster called SABI Strategy Group, which is led by Greg Mills, behind whom is Tendai Biti, several high-ranking characters opposed to Zanu PF located in different regions of Africa, principally here in our Southern Africa and West Africa…….

“What prompts all this? At the core of this whole insidious and assiduous campaign are corporate interests, principally mining! Zimbabwe is such a big mining trophy to remain under the control of truculent forces from liberation politics.

“Forget everything else which purports to be outcome of this phoney, telescopic survey. At the heart of it all is a sentiment — presented as a finding — claiming that the majority of voters in Zimbabwe, and by extrapolation, in Southern Africa are not just tired of politics whose essence is in founding processes of liberation, but have also reached the “conclusion” that their woes and falling welfare are synonymous with those “dated” politics! It is a wish projected as a finding, indeed a time-worn narrative which the likes of Stephen Chan and Cheeseman have been pushing for quite some time.”

Charamba said Zimbabwe made one cardinal sin. 

“The highly mineralised Zimbabwe under Zanu PF made one cardinal sin: it orbited out of the Anglo-American political and corporatised sphere, and chose to pursue an independent mining/resource policy, partnered by the “odious” Chinese and Russians, and now Belarusians!” he wrote.

“Given Zimbabwe’s highly mineralised status, and her growing influence on the African Continent, liberation politics which she espouses have to be stopped, and its baneful or pernicious influence on the Continent rolled back.  Short of a military invasion, the ballot is the best avenue, and hence the meddlesome activities of the Anglo-American world.”



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