Is Zimbabwe refusing to accept returning citizens from the UK?

Zimbabwe was yesterday named in the British House of Lords as one of the countries that is refusing to accept its citizens so they cannot be sent back from the United Kingdom.

This was raised by Lord Avebury during the debate on the Immigration Bill when he wanted to seek clarification on who can obtain a British driving licence.

The possession of a driver’s licence allows someone to stay in the UK and to seek employment.

Lord Avebury wanted to know how failed asylum seekers were treated saying they could not be sent back to their country of origin because generally “the country of origin refuses to accept them”.

He named three countries that were not accepting their citizens back at Iran, Zimbabwe and Somalia.

According to reports, however, Zimbabwe has been trying to lure its citizens back but most failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers have argued that they cannot return home because they would be arrested or tortured because they fled from the brutal Robert Mugabe regime.



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