Is Mai Mujuru using bottom power to guarantee loyalty of the men around her?


joyce-mujuruZimbabwe’s military intelligence claims that it has surveillance proof of Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru’s alleged sexual encounters with male members of her faction, which it claimed, she engaged in to guarantee their loyalty.

According to a paper entitled: State intelligence and the politics of Zimbabwe’s presidential succession, one senior military officer said military intelligence had used drone cameras to record her naked in her bedroom.

“Their descriptions were interwoven with explicit accounts about surveillance proof of Mujuru’s alleged sexual encounters with male members of her faction, which, it is said, she engaged in to guarantee their loyalty,” the paper said.

The paper however said: “Claims that Mujuru used sex to ensure political loyalty are at worst misogynistic, implying that women cannot advance themselves without employing their bodies and sexuality; or at best highly gendered and patriarchal, implying that there is something perverse or immoral about female sexuality. Ultimately the gendered nature of surveillance fortifies a patriarchal national politics in which women can be degraded and ostracized through sexualized accounts and claims of occult influence.”

Military intelligence is said to have been used to help President Robert Mugabe to kick out Mujuru from the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front  and can be used to silence her at the critical moment in her new political career as leader of ZPF.

Besides the sexual allegations, the campaign to get rid of Mujuru also involved witchcraft allegations meant to tarnish her image and cow her out of politics.

According to the paper, a key actor in the campaign against Mujuru described surveillance footage of Mujuru’s purported witchery as follows:

“In one of them [recordings] traditional healers are dancing around a pot on a fire. There was meat in the pot and when they were finished with their rituals she was supposed to start eating that meat with them and as they eat the meat the victim [Mugabe] starts dying. We also have her squeezing…juices from her …[private parts]…. Her juices were going to be used in a concoction to help her get [ political] power. After the ritual, whoever she had sex with would become loyal to her. The ultimate form of recruitment for her was to have sex with the people she wanted in her faction. All these men who are in her faction who were supporting her like there is no tomorrow, she took them to bed. And this is why Mai Mujuru did not put up a fight when we started destroying her. She knew we had intelligence and if she put up a fight we would show Zimbabwe everything and she would be finished off completely.”


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