Is Chamisa now ready for national dialogue?

Is Chamisa now ready for national dialogue?

Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa, who initially said he wanted dialogue but this should not be convened by his main rival Emmerson Mnangagwa of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front but by someone from outside Zimbabwe, seems to be softening his position.

Chamisa, whose party is holding its congress next month and seems to be assured of retaining his post, yesterday tweeted: “Where we are going now requires us to think and act together as Zimbabweans. Our dire situation is no longer about MDC or ZanuPF but about Zimbabwe. We have a nation to build and a generation to defend. We have the power!”

The MDC leader lost to Mnangagwa is last year’s elections but has refused to recognise the ZANU-PF leader insisting that he won the elections though he lost the case at the country’s highest court.

Chamisa was backed by one of the former G40 kingpins, Patrick Zhuwao, former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew who responded to his tweet: “Spoken like a true leader. Well done.”

In response to Joseph Budzi who said: “‏Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue is the only way to go.. Let’s find each other,” Chamisa, who set five conditions for his party to negotiate with Mnangagwa, tweeted: “I said it and will say it again…Resolution of our negative politics and the debilitating governance crisis upon genuine dialogue is the only genuine door out this economic morass, social quagmire and squalid living conditions we so sweat under.”

On Wednesday Chamisa tweeted: “Our politics must be more about Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. It’s about Zimbabwe and It’s people.”

This seems to be a softening of his die-hard stance that talks must be convened by someone from outside Zimbabwe.

Some observers say recent moves by the International Monetary Fund to work with Mnangagwa’s administration could have jolted Chamisa and his party which accused the IMF of working to perpetuate tyranny.

Others said Chamisa is now desperate to join the conversation in the hope of creating a government of national unity so that he can be accommodated as at the moment it is only him and Welshman Ncube who are outside the legislature. All the other senior leaders of his party are either Senators or Members of Parliament.

ZANU-PF supporters say Chamisa is slowly recognising that he will be left by the train, as Mnangagwa once said, as Mnangagwa’s administration is quietly reviving the country though this is grossly overshadowed by currency woes, skyrocketing prices and the shortage of fuel.

Mnangagwa said his administration would create 780 000 jobs in the next two years as it had approved 59 projects which are at various stages of implementation.

Mnangagwa had announced several mega-deals which have not yet materialized since he came to power.

However, if he manages to create these jobs in two years he will literally have swept the rug from under the MDC’s feet.

Instead of heaping the blame for the present crisis on ZANU-PF, Chamisa said Zimbabweans were to blame for their present predicament.

“We really have none but ourselves as the only viable and credible answer to all our questions,” he tweeted.

When asked by Chibabest Mavisto: “‏Exactly what are u suggesting? Tell us your plan mere talk wont cook ‘rice’. Actions speak louder than words”, Chamisa responded: “Come let us reason together! No problem is ever too big enough or insurmountable when our hands and minds are put together for the common good.”

When told by Jerry M that “Greedy politicians from Zanu &MDC are responsible!” for the crisis in the country, Chamisa responded: “When something is part of the problem it is not the entire problem. Yes, dishonesty, corruption and greedy leadership across the political divide account for the sad and ugly circumstances we find ourselves in.”



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