Former Delta boss urges US must lift sanctions on Zimbabwe to propel the country forward

Former Delta boss urges US must lift sanctions on Zimbabwe to propel the country forward

The former chief executive of Delta Corporation when it was the largest company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, Joseph Mutizwa, has called on the United States to lift its sanctions on Zimbabwe so that the country can move forward.

He said Zimbabwe was currently at cross roads. President Emmerson Mnangagwa seemed determined to make some tough economic and political reforms and the private sector believed he was since in taking the country forward.

In a paper prepared for the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee for Africa which he was supposed to deliver yesterday before the hearing was postponed to today, Mutizwa said Mnangagwa “appears to have sufficient conviction and resolve to rebuild Zimbabwe and turn it into a successful and proud nation occupying its rightful place among the community of nations”

Zimbabwe has been under United States sanctions since 2003.

Mutizwa said Mnangagwa recognised that for Zimbabwe to be welcomed among the community of nations it must acknowledge and settle its debts. It must also put its house in order through better governance and economic management.

“The government of President Mnangagwa appears to be committed to both,” he said. “The President is aware of the huge expectations that the people have. He recognizes that along the way there will be unavoidable pain for the people of Zimbabwe – over and above the traumas they have endured over the past two decades.

“As Zimbabwe’s private sector we are fully supportive of the reform programs embarked upon by our government. We want to see more action and less rhetoric and better co-ordination and sequencing.

“We will give our government support in the form of advice and constructive criticism as well as through playing our part in raising production and exports, conserving foreign currency through import substitution and improving competitiveness through cost efficiencies and value addition.

“It is the view of most in the private sector in Zimbabwe that the United States government can find in Zimbabwe a worthy and strategic partner. The road to that possibility starts here in the Senate Foreign Relations Sub-Committee on Africa and Global Health Policy.

“It is my strong and unambiguous submission, Mr Chairman, that the private sector in Zimbabwe urges the United States of America to urgently repeal Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) of 2001 ( As amended in 2018) .

“Zimbabwe is going to be a pivotal nation in the Southern Africa sub-region –a country in whom the United States may find a worthy and strong partner.”

Below is Mutizwa’s full testimony is which he addresses four key questions:

  1. What is the current state of Zimbabwe’s economy and its impact on Zimbabwean people?
  2. What is the private sector’s evaluation of the impact of the July 30, 2018 elections on Zimbabwe’s economy?
  3. How does the private sector evaluate of the progress made to date on economic and political reforms by the Government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa?
  4. What alternatives does Zimbabwe have should the USA fail to take action to support Zimbabwe’s economy?

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