Five things Zimbabwe needs to move forward


Economist Eddie Cross says there are five things that Zimbabwe needs in its struggle for development and growth with stability.

The first is unity.

“We must work together. A unit that is not unified in its vision and target will never get anywhere,” he writes on his personal blog.

“This is a struggle that calls for us to work as one nation – our fight is for development and growth in competition with the rest of the world.”

The second is leadership.

“We need leadership, leaders who will sacrifice their interests, even their lives for their fellow employees or people,” he says.

“We need servant leadership that earns the right to lead by example.”

The third is discipline.

“Just look at how the Chinese have handled this new virus – yesterday 8 new cases in the whole of China. No army can win without discipline, not one imposed from above but one given freely and in the interests of the Unit,” he writes.

“Our problem as a country stems from leaders who are looking after their own interests first and who totally disregard any need for self-discipline and control.”

The fourth is good communications.

“We need to recognise that we must have good communications – top down and bottom up. We need to know where we are going and how we are going to get there and our leaders need to listen carefully to their people on the ground,” Cross says.

“Beyond listening to each other we need fast action”.

The fifth is that there are casualties in the struggle for development.

“We need to recognise that in the struggle for development and growth there will be casualties – we are opening up the economy, liberalising our financial markets and this will open up new opportunities but also bring new challenges. When they do, those troops on the front line need to know they have our support and that help is forthcoming,” Cross says.

“This is a war we all have an interest in winning. Let’s put aside our differences and fight together for our collective futures.”

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Charles Rukuni
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